Juana Viale y Gonzalo Valenzuela raising their children without gender stereotyping


For the first time, the actress argentina Juana Viale opened up publicly to discuss the upbringing of the children he had together with Gonzalo Valenzuela, Wild, and Ali, as well as of his daughter Amber.

Although they are separated from several years ago, the couple has a very clear style of parenting you want for your little ones and is very similar to that celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt implemented with their children.

Both decided to keep their children away from the eye of the media, so we tend to be very reserved with everything that has to do with the boys, however, this time the actress decided to be a little more open and talk about your experience as a mother.

Juana Viale is proud of their children

During the transmission of the programme on The night of Mitha, Juana revealed that rearing their children away from gender stereotypes, so that they have an open mind.

“I have my daughter put blue since the day one, in addition I never wore earrings, and do not cut the hair (…) When we left I said: ‘Woe unto you! That cute baby’, and I responded that it was not a baby, but a baby. ‘But she is dressed in light blue…’, I answered,” he said.

He also asserted that he left to grow naturally, the hair of their sons until the age of five.

“The boy, Ali, sometimes I wondered if I wanted him to do a runner. ‘No. I am boy, not girl,’ I answered. I had long hair, but he was always super manly,” he explained.

This type of parenting has caused their children to be critical and debate about the topic. Even, the actress told how her daughter questioned her on one occasion when he spoke about the “gentlemanly”.

After that explain to your son that he should give way to the elderly, Joan mentioned the term. “There, my daughter looked at me and questioned why I added the word ‘chivalry’. ‘Well, it’s a gesture, nothing more’, I said to them,” he said.

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