Karol G wore a garb that is transparent and left nothing to the imagination

If the whole world ended up knowing the music of Karol G with his hit called ‘Husk’ launching this 2020, what is certain is that the colombian artist has been experimenting in the world of music since 2006 when she participated in the reality show X Factor in her native country. As A result of that experience, and thanks to the support and tireless of his dad who is a musician, he persevered in the music until he reached success.

Karol G has conquered the public with topics extremely popular and successful among her fans as ‘My bed’, ‘Pineapple’, and ‘Now he calls me’, which he sang in a duo with Bad Bunny, and that gave a huge boost to the musical career of the two in 2017, when they were on the rise and the world began to know.

Karol G and your outfit transparent

A key in the career of Karol G, 29, is the sensuality that shows with their outfits on stage and in your gallery, Instagram, social network that has over 30 million followers who are enthralled with his looks.

The costumes more impactful that has used the artist, it is this set of top and skirt-transparent pieces that left you breathless to the fans. Only covered their private parts with a panty-white and framed his face with extensions purple hair.

This was the outfit you wore in the video of the theme Tusa, who sum more than 800 million views on YouTube. There appears accompanied by a sort of entourage of goddesses posing in costumes pale pink and they are responsible to fix it and leave it beautiful.

In your gallery, also tends to show sportswear sensual, not with transparency but yes very tight as this short is stamped with the logo of Louis Vuitton, with a sweatshirt fuchsia and perched in front of his Mercedes Benz suv of the same color.

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