Katy Perry reveals a hard moment of your life: “I didn’t know how to follow”


Katy Perry is living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Recently confirmed that she was expecting her first child with the actor Orlando Bloom. Since then, in spite of the health crisis that is plaguing the world, is taking advantage of every second that life offers to enjoy this long-anticipated pregnancy.

Recently the singer decided to open her heart. In fact, he talked about those days of insecurity after their album ‘Witness’ come to light in 2017, and were quite below their expectations. Katy Perry has been sincere: “I was clinically depressed and out of it. I did not know what was my life.”

In case outside little, added: “I really couldn’t imagine how to continue living, to be completely honest”. Hence, their internal struggles to influence, directly, in his latest project: “I became very insecure and I had to undertake a journey, emotionally as well as spiritually and psychologically, to understand why he hoped both the validation of the material.”

Katy Perry went far beyond: “I had to realize that everything related to my career is not all what life is. It is just a part of who I am”. The renowned singer has spoken, then, of your mental health and the dreadful battle that has had to wage with the depression that plunged into a deep well.

But, finally, he found that light at the end of the tunnel. Especially with your pregnancy: “The fans can expect a record concerning the capacity of recovery and find that light at the end of the tunnel”. Katy Perry explained that there are after ‘Daisies’: “It’s a song about chasing your dreams, and not worry about what other people think about it.”

To finish, the artist gave a series of data of the expected album that will mark a before and an after in your life, personal and professional level: “This new album is a snapshot of the actual capacity of recovery, which is my favorite word. I’ve been writing in these last two years”. It is evident that you went through that journey and, from there, he created songs that we love. We’re safe!!