Kendall Jenner and the dress with transparencies with the one that bragged about your curves



Kendall Jenner has a very particular style when it comes to dressing, wearing sexy and suggestive in a way very different from what they usually do their Kardashian sisters. While Kim and Khloé are big fans of the show daring necklines in their looks, Kendall opted for the subtlety of the transparencies.

Kendall Jenner boasts your curves in a dress with transparencies

The super model of 24 years, was captured with a dress transparent black, covered with crystals on the chest area of the shoulder straps of the dress, which fell on his shoulders. It was designed by the brand Dolce & Gabbana and the look was shared by the account in Instagram @lovinghautecouture.

In the image, compare the outfit of Kendall with the actress Emilia Clarke, who got to wear a dress similar to that of the model but in green color and with the transparency a lot more discreet and concealed.

Although the everyday life of Kendall Jenner is away much of the glamour: always to prefer comfort before looks sophisticated, so it is normal to see her in jeans and t-shirt as a basic, or in shorts and shirts, broad, and tennis.

So at the moment of inspiration in the looks of Kendall Jenner, don’t get carried away both by their suits, Versace or Balmain, but by the simplicity of his style in general. As with the basic garments that you have in your closet, you can easily recreate a look for everyday of the model.

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