Kylie Jenner already has spent $ 130 million so far this year


The current situation in the world, who live hectic between the pandemic by the coronavirus and the protests over the death of George Floyd, has made one of the biggest scandals that has starred a member of the family Kardashian has gone almost unnoticed. Kylie Jenner he has exaggerated his fortune and Forbes the has thrown out of its list of billionaires young. However, it is undeniable that have large amounts of money and time already has spent $ 130 million so far this year. What is it that you have purchased?

That is what we ask all to know the huge amount that Kylie Jenner has been detached in the first five months of 2020. Taking into account that almost half of that time it has remained locked up at home due to the quarantine, the curiosity is on the rise.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
(Charles Sykes / AP)

By all it is known that the bank accounts of the members of the clan Kardashian are not exactly empty. As much as Kylie Jenner does not comply with the economic requirements for entering into the list of milmillonarios younger echos themselves Forbesthe money goes for the ears.

And we have been able to verify this to see that it has spent $ 130 million on the year so far, and in what. Do you get the idea? For a start, Kylie Jenner has invested between 50 and 70 million on buying a private jet Global Express Jet.

New York (United States), 03/05/2016.- (FILE) - Kylie Jenner

New York (United States), 03/05/2016.- (FILE) – Kylie Jenner

It is a plane that, in addition to your purchase price, required five million dollars a year in maintenance. According to have, in addition to all the luxuries the private jet is custom in its interior for the small Stormi, the daughter of two years of the influencer.

Another of the investments of Kylie Jenner has been in property and land. To begin with, has spent 36.5 million of dollars in a mansion of 1,400 square metres in Holmby Hills, a home that has no less than seven bedrooms.

Beverly Hills (United States), 10/02/2020.- (FILE) - Kylie Jenner

Beverly Hills (United States), 10/02/2020.- (FILE) – Kylie Jenner

It has also invested $ 15 million in the purchase of land adjacent to his current mansion in Hidden Hills. In addition, would have hired the same architect that you hired Tom Brady, Richard Landry, to build a house in that piece of land.

But it was not just the real estate operations of Kylie Jenner. The influencer would have invested 3.25 million dollars in a few grounds of The Quinta, in Palm Springswhere I would have expected, in the future, build a property.

Kylie Jenner egalitarian to Rosalia

Kylie Jenner egalitarian to Rosalia

All of this is to add the donations she has made to charitable causes: a total of two million dollars by the forest fires in Australia, and for the fight against the coronavirus.It’s almost nothing!