Lady Gaga, the queen of extravagance, knows how to overcome to Rosalia


Rosalia is not the only one that stands out for its nails wherever you go for your extravagance and eye-catching designs filled with rhinestones and beading in 3D. Since it seems that Lady Gaga have copied this trend that has already made itself with the Catalan. Thus it has been shown by the american singer through a photograph published in their social networks.

Has been in the presentation of its new palette of eye shadows of Haus Labs where Lady Gaga has left to see with this novelty away by full simplicity. This extravagant design only had it in one hand, as in the other sported a color nude and a lot more style minimalist. Then, the artist combined your manicure with a red dress with a lot of brilli brilli, to pitch with a huge bow that decorated her mane.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga at the Met Gala / Gtres

Although the singer of ‘Shallow’ could have been copied to Rosalie, for nobody is a secret that the artist often gamble for different looks and out of the ordinary. In 2010, for example, called the attention of all and was stunned to more than one, after wearing a design made with fillets of meat at the MTV Video Music Awards. Another sign of his particular personality was when it was changed to four times of outfit, live and direct, at the MET Gala 2019, held in the city of New York. From a dress coat fuchsia going for a black model, another of the same hue and more slender than the first and the underwear, wearing only a fishnet stockings and some huge platforms in black glitter. In that same event, in addition to, opted for accessories beauty XL. In fact, in his eyelashes had long golden details, also not gone unnoticed.

Any way, with each of their outfits, Lady Gaga always surprises. What it will do next time?