Liam Hemsworth admits that his relationship with Miley Cyrus was veery stressful


Liam Hemsworth has starred in the most recent issue of a famous magazine exercise and wellness, focused on men. And the interview he gave australian actor for that same means, he confessed what has been your big secret to handle any type of crisis, including your last break love affair with Miley Cyrus.

‘These last 6 months, just to keep my mind healthy and to stay in balance, I would say that the exercise has been great for me‘he confessed to Liam in the above-mentioned interviewwhere he also admitted that your love story with Miley was very stressful.

‘For a long period of time was very stressful and it really caught me… Look, there are times when you want to attack and say something … because ,from my point of view, most of the times the things that are written about me are completely false. There are times that you want to talk and there are others in that it is not worth, because only you are going to draw more attention and then it is better not to think about that and let it all fade away’, said the star of ‘The Hunger Games’ and explained how desperate it is to be constantly in the public eye due to your personal life and loving.