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The followers of Marvel come discussing about the possibility of Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence in the UCM. It is rumored that both artists are negotiating their appearance in the next installment of the franchise.

In the first place, is the famous actress Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in X-Men Phoenix Dark and the The Hunger games. It is rumored that the actress would be interpreted to Amora, the well-known ‘Lovely’ (Enchantress).

In the second place, we have the singer Rihannawho would be in conversations with Marvel Studios to be integrated in one of the new productions of the company. Still do not know which would be the name of the character that would be interpreted.

On the other hand, many us media claim that could appear in the new television series ‘Loki’ or the future film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The relationship between the two films would make the singer and actress to appear in both productions.

For the moment, this is only a rumor, since Marvel Studios has not confirmed anything officially.