Ole Henriksen brings to Sephora the range facial that develops after overcoming a acn wild


Besides their products, OLEHENRIKSEN, the dans advised to say goodbye to junk food, make the mirror of bao’s best friend and to be guided by the philosophy hygge that defends the benefits of optimism.

The list women’s great and famous that have been put in the hands of Ole Henriksen in Hollywood throughout his 40 years as facialista, certifies the quality of their techniques and their formulas. In their beginnings they were Madonna and Barbra Streisand. Today what are the Kardashian, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. But there is something that supports him better than his clients: his own appearance, of his countenance, that at one point in his life came to be horrifying. This dans grew up in your country home until the vicissitudes of life led him to settle in Jakarta where inici a life of excess. All of them took their toll in the form of a acn brutal: the nature and size of its grains was aggravating to become cysts. In Indonesia he found also a cure to their ills provided by a naturopath local transform your skin …and your life. Renovated, with a complexion esplndido in which there was no trace of the calamities suffered, by Henriksen abandon the pas and instal in London to study chemistry cosmetics. All you moved to Los angeles where inaugur, in 1975, a centre for the care of the skin. In their products, mixing what he learned in the university and in Indonesia, all tested in your skin whose appearance is still really spectacular. For your spa passed Iman, David Bowie or Cher.

Adding successes came 1998 year in which he opened the doors of its second space, ste on Sunset Boulevard, where they turned out in droves Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Zellweger… The good news? Your line skincare named with your name, OLEHENRIKSEN, already sold Sephora Spain: “We are known for our formulas, highly effective and powerful, that improve and transform the skin to reach new levels of perfection. These results are possible thanks to the best ingredients botanical, which act on the skin getting the better of her. I’m very proud to say that we are one of the 5 marks, ms sold in Sephora all over the world”. The best seller? The eye contour Banana Bright Eye Crme: the most sold in Sephora all over the world.

In these moments that we are coming out of a situation complicated, the obvious question is: how does the state of nimo, for good and for evil, in the skin? The dans says: “there is a relationship directly, however, if you feel sad, dull or even depressed, what usually happens is that you go to a food inadequate as a food fast, or sweets. This s has a negative impact on the quality of your skin, because do not forget that good food is the best fuel for our bodies vital, including the skin. On the contrary, junk food is very harmful for our body and is the main cause of the acn and the buds cutneos”.

Besides taking care of the food, Henriksen argues the decisive influence of the sport in the good state of the skin: “The exercise has a significant effect on all aspects of health, and that includes our skin. One of the key benefits is that it makes our body more flexible and strong, with muscles ms defined, so if you’re a man, as if you’re a woman. And also activates the circulation sangunea throughout the body and that helps to stimulate the cycle of updating a cell of our skin to levels ms deep. The exercise also raises your energy and that motivates you to lead a life of active ms”.

l begins the day as, activndose: “When I’m in my house, in Los angeles, I start my da cooking a delicious breakfast with oats, arndanos, raspberries, blackberries and a puado of nuts; and a good cup of caf. I read the news on my iPad while breakfast and go outside to do a workout on the rings and parallel bars that I have in my garden, I love gymnastics!. To maintain my level of energy high, I put my favorite songs on Spotify and dance between exercises”. The facialista, that exudes optimism and positivityalways find time to s same: this is one of the pillars of the hyggethe concept in that it defines the happiness from the simplicity, the connection, the warmth and well-being.

Easily use and identify, their formulas, inspired by the experience of Ole and his philosophy of exfoliate, treat, and sootheprovide the results of a facial treatment professional. It is presented in three colors: Orange: The Truth Franchise. Created from multiple stable sources of vitamin C and designed to brighten the skin, to achieve a uniform tone and neutralize the damage from free radicals. Blue: The Transform and Transform Plus Franchise. Has been designed to retrieve, smooth and redefine the skin texture, reduce the lines of utterance and wrinkles, remove stubborn stains and strengthen the elasticity. Green: The Balance Sheet Franchise. For oily skin, with tendency to redness and pores very open and clogged. Council of use? “My main rule is to be consistent with the routine of the day and night. And one thing that s I would like to share with you all is that I hagis friends of your mirror in the bathroom. Sonreros each morning and each night to show carlo and acceptance and see the improvements that my formulas proporcionarn to your skin. I also do it!”.

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