Omar Montes wants Jorge to win ‘Survivor 2020’ and recalls his experience: “Sales as a person”


Exactly a year ago, no one knew that Omar Montes become the winner of ‘Survivors ‘ 2019’, since that was more than a month and a half of competition and Isabel Pantoja had a lot of support from outside. But so it was, on the 18th of July last year the singer conquered all of Spain and won the 200,000 euros that she had in the game.

Photo: Omar Montes
Omar Montes as peta with ‘Alocao’: how to survive Telecinco and succeed in the music

Berto Molina

This night is held in Telecinco the grand final of the current edition of the ‘reality show’ and, for this reason, since The Confi TV, the tv section of The Confidential, we have put ourselves in contact with Omar for remember their passage by the island of the famous, and know a few things of his successful musical careersince it is currently one of the spaniards that more success is having in and out of Spain.

QUESTION. Omar, less than a year ago that you won ‘Survivors’, what memories do you have?

RESPONSE. I have a few precious memories. Of ‘Survivors’ salts with a body almost apollonian, making friends and fact person. You learn to make fire, catch fish, make a hut… you right now I loose in the Amazon and I know that I can stand at least one day, or none [risas].

Omar Montes with the check of 'Survivors ' 2019'. (Telecinco)
Omar Montes with the check of ‘Survivors ‘ 2019’. (Telecinco)

Q. come back to participate?

A. Would be 100% secure, with the eyes closed.

Q. What is the best and the worst of being on the island?

A. it is best to survival. See the days go by, that you do not eat anything and that one day he strips the blanket on the head, you take to the sea to catch fish and they suddenly don’t catch nothing and you leave disappointed… But the next day you go… and not catch anything. But the fourth or fifth day you will be itching, you feel as Aquaman and say ‘fuck, I have chopped the fish’ and you see that you can start to eat. That is the most satisfying in the world, because there is no supermarket and you can still eat. It is not paid.

And the worst thing is to be many hours in the same place, there comes a time when you get bored.

“It is impossible to make traps on ‘Survivors’ because there are 300 cameras that you recorded from all sides”

Q. can You really change the perception of life or when you are already in Spain and spend a couple of weeks you forget everything?

A. Salts of ‘Survivors’ being person, there are you sharpens the wits, and learn to appreciate things that I didn’t valorabas. As for example to take a coffee with your mother or to accompany your grandmother to shop at Hipercor. When I was there I thought that for sure that my grandmother would be calling me to accompany her to make the purchase, because in normal cases would not go, but as I was there going fatigue was able to go with her to the purchase of all of the times that this is necessary [risas].

P. It also discusses a lot of the supposed ease of cheating, since the cameras don’t record all the while what’s true?

A. it Is impossible because there are 300 cameras that you recorded ahead, behind, sideways, sideways… it Is impossible to make traps, you pillarían insurance.

Before and after Omar Montes in 'Survivors ' 2019'. (Mediaset España)
Before and after Omar Montes in ‘Survivors ‘ 2019’. (Mediaset España)

Q. How do you remember the deal with Lara Álvarez?

A. To me, Lara, I like very much, has a very special charm. I admire her very much for what a good person he is, so attentive, likes taking care to people. To me, it was very close to the deal on the ‘Survivors’.

Since I came back, I haven’t had contact with her, but before yes, when we met for Telecinco we talked, we even saw the possibility that it was the protagonist of one of my video clips. It is very good people, very humble and he gave me his phone number. The aunt is a 10 as a person.

“Nyno was my favorite of ‘SV 2020’, is my brother, but he was kicked off because it made life impossible and in the end got it to load”

Q. what companions you keep a good friendship?

A. With all, but especially to Albert, who is my right hand and I speak with him almost daily, and with Fabio, I have a very special relationship. But I get along well with almost everyone, with Mai, Lydia, Otto, Dakota, Colare…

Q. What did you do with the 200,000 euro prize?

A. Nothing, I have them saved.

Omar Montes today
Omar Montes today

Q. What do you think of the new edition?

A. well, I would like to win Jorge. Ana María also I like a lot, that that fish 200 and peak fish… hosts, is what has currado a lot, I love it.

Nyno was my favorite, he is my brother, but he was kicked off because it made life impossible and in the end got it to load. At the end is the beginning in reality and as you make more will do better. He is a guy that doesn’t like to get into polemics, do not like fights and many times in these programs, you have to give a little game and enter to the cloth.

Q. And speaking of Nyno, what you are petando once more with a song in which you sing together, did you expect this success?

A. just to brew among the 50 topics, more viral to the world and yes they expected it to be a success. I’ve been petándolo with several issues and I knew that this was strong, and on top of that with Nyno, something that people had been expecting for a long time. I knew they were going to support and embrace with much affection.

Video clip of Omar Montes and Nyno Vargas

Q. How do you assess everything that is happening in the world of music?

A. It’s incredible, really. Every time I see the ranking of who they are the number one and I’m always there I the first… I’ve been already from 2019 petándolo and it’s amazing, I don’t believe it because I am a superfan of Bisbal, Pablo Alborán, Enrique Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz… from small. And view the lists and see me with them while I was there the first, I don’t think so. For me it is a betterment and a tremendous job the fact to get it.

Q. That first big success was with the Bad Gyal in ‘Alocao’, but what has happened to her? You have ceased to continue in networking, and she prefers not to say anything about it, but everyone is a little missed…

A. Yes, I also, I don’t know. I prefer not to comment neither do I, but I have no problem with it.

“I am preparing a disk that I want to take in August. You are going to freak out because I have there a artillery very strong…”

Q. it has Also been commented on a topic that you have ready with Becky G and that seems to have fallen…

A. No, I don’t think that has fallen off, that’s what people say, but I have not understood as well. It will pull out. Is the ‘remix’ of ‘Diabla’, each one wrote their part and we ride together.

Q. you’ve been recently in the news of Antena 3 for your generosity with your neighborhood, what have you done exactly?

A. Simply on Bread, Blessed, my friends, my closest people, I have had a hand. For me it is not to much, I am overwhelmed with all the love in me you are giving for it, but I do my own, what I would do either.

Q. are You surprised that I called you of the news of Antena 3?

A. Yes. Took Me by calling time, what happens is that not I wanted to do the story because the things that I do here to help I don’t like to do television. But I was told that this could raise awareness and in the end I decided to do it. And it is true that it has taken effect, a lot of people have become aware of this and are helping their neighbors, people in need. Therefore I have fulfilled the purpose of the report was that the people saw and did them.

Q. What can you tell us of your new music?

A. The next topic that I’m going to get is called ‘I don’t know love’ and it is with RVFV and will advance that the video clip is not going to be as to which you are accustomed to, very happy, it is a music video concept of all that has gone now and well, I don’t want to tell you much because I want it to be a surprise, but it’s going to be a surprise. I think that will be released throughout this month.

And well, apart from helping in my neighborhood and see series, during the quarantine period I’ve been composing and I’m preparing a disk that I want to take in August. You are going to freak out because I have there a artillery very strong, also with collaborations.