Pampita to what Kylie Jenner: put to the test your children with fun viral

Through its account of Instagram, the model transandina Pampitashared a fun challenge viral that you made with your children Bautista, Beltran and Benicio.

The challenge is llamaa “Cndy Challenge”that became viral when Kylie Jenner put to the test the patience of Stormi, leaving sweets on the table that may not be eaten until the adult returns.

“The answer well eat a candy (…) but not to eat anything until he comes back because he is the prize” says Pampita at the beginning of the video then leaving the scene for a few moments.

However, the Baptist, the eldest of the brothers didn’t last and after about a minute and a half ate one of the chocolates that were on the table.

Minutes later it was he himself who realized that they were being recorded, “It is annoying it is for us to stay here aguantándonos that there are some chocolates in the front, it is obvious”, stated.

Check out the fun video below:


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