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Kellie Chauvin, who married the police officer accused of killing George Floyd, came to the united States as a refugee from Laos, when she was a girl, and before you marry Derek Chauvin, it was known as Kellie May Thao and Kellie May Xiong, according to CNN.

However, after the incident sparked a wave of protests across the country, Kellie is thinking to go back to their old identities.


In 2018, the woman won the contest Mrs. Minnesota and the English newspaper reports that, when she won the beauty contest, I would have said to their still-husband: “Under all that uniform, is a sweet.” Kellie Chauvin is a mother of two from a previous marriage. according to a local media, Kellie competed on behalf of Oakdale, Minnesota, and was the first woman to be an ethnic hmong to win the title.

“I want people to know that I, someone who grew up in a refugee camp when she was a girl and in the first-generation Hmong who grew up and received a proper education, I was bullied when I was a child”, would reveal to Lake Time Magazine, in 2019.

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After the murder of George, have been filtering more data than the wife of the police involved:

Kellie was born in Laos in 1974 during a time of war, avoid eating oatmeal because it reminds you of the days that they were refugees in Thailand, in October of 1980, she and her family moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In 1991, her parents married Kujay Xiong, a man who did not know. For 10 years he suffered abuse from her husband, who passed away after a divorce. It was after I moved to Minnesota.

After resigning to the Medical Center of Hennepin County, was College Kaplan Davenport, Iowa, USA. UU. To get residential real estate and began working as a real estate Agent with Re / Max Results.

She has donated to several nonprofit organizations, hmong, including Hmong, Empowering Women, and small businesses and has volunteered as a translator volunteer at local hospitals.

She loves photography.

According to reports, Derek and Kellie Chauvin they met at Hennepin, in a medical center where she was technical in radiology; it was there, also, where George Floyd he was declared dead.

Now, the native of Laos, he asked for the immediate divorce of Derek. Recently worked as a broker for real estate, but then become unemployed, the divorce document is read that does not seek that the police keep it. “It is completely able to support herself. You do not need spousal support and waives their right to receive spousal support, temporary or permanent of the defendant.”

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The couple soon meet 10 years of marriage.