Rihanna prevented his father died from coronavirus –


Ronald Fenty (66) he thanked his daughter publicly because, thanks to his concern, he was able to get out of the Covid-19. Although their relationship is not idyllic, the man told: “Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok and bought me a respirator”.

“I thought I was going to die,” said the father of Rihanna, has already recovered from Covid-19.

Ronald Fenty (66) surpassed the coronavirus thanks to your daughter Rihanna buy him and send him to Barbados –where he lives– a mechanical respirator. Although the relationship between father and daughter is not idyllic, the man thanked him for the gesture publicly: “Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok. The truth that I thought I was going to die”.

It was never a relationship easy. Despite this, when Riri learned that her father was infected with Covid-19, he did everything he had to his scope from his isolation in the united States.

While the singer bought the asistidor artificial, it was learned that she was not to get worse as to need it, and is now completely recovered. “I have to say: I love you so very much Robyn –that is the real name of Riri–. You did a lot for me and I appreciate it from the heart”admitted Ronald, visibly excited. In that same message that it gave to the Sun newspaper, he urged the population of the island to stay at home to flatten the curve of the spread of the virus.

In August of 2019 will be reconciled after the demand that he made to his father by using his name for close economic contracts.

The relationship of Rihanna and her father has not been good since he and her mother divorced when she was a little girl. Remember that just a few months ago, she had denounced for using his name without his consent for a number of businesses.