Selena Gomez teaches us what is your outfit more comfortable


Selena Gomez is going to include a new profession to his long resume. With only 27 years is a singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer and ambassador of several brands and television production company.

Recently, she showed in her account in Instagram super relaxed, in your kitchen, and with an outfit very simple, monochromatic and practical to pass the quarantine for the coronavirus.

The young singer used consistently in their social networks a tone of sweetness and emotion.

“I’ve tried to get a photo in which appeared adorable and serious cooking, but then I was embarrassed so I decided to post the photo more spontaneous where I look happy but I really feel super sappy,” he wrote in the image.

A comfortable style

During this quarantine, since it is common to see the artist these days, wearing a sportswear, among them one of his favourites, the sweatshirt made of cotton and can be purchased for less than 20 euros.

The singer of 27 years wore a sweatshirt and grey pants super wide, but at the same time comfortable and that allow you to be relaxed in the comfort of your home, which qualifies as his “temple” of inspiration for his songs.

It also showed without a drop of makeup, the natural-something that simpatizó to its millions of fans from all over the world.

This outfit is the perfect tool to complete any look worth having, from the most comfortable and relaxed, even the most subtle.

Selena has done with his version more timid —monochromatic and grey— but in the various shops you can find sweatshirts, patterned, and vibrant colors that will raise the tone of your own outfit.

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