Selena Gomez teaches you how to lead with style ripped jeans with heels in order to look elegant


Now that you’re spending a lot more time at home, you need casual looks that are comfortable and at the same time you serve to attend a meeting of emergency work. For these occasions, you can get inspired on the looks of Selena Gomez.

The exestrella of Disney and today successful singer of 27 years, wears costumes more unique, but it is also captured with outfits that are simple, such as this composed of a pair of jeans broken, type skinny, which gave it a touch more elegant when wearing high heels nude, high and very elegant, along with a maxi black bag and a blouse of blue color cake.

Selena Gomez and their looks with denim shorts

Selena is a fan of using jeans in any occasion. In a departure last week, used a jean with a t-shirt, black, giving more presence to the look with a blazer and black shoes stiletto heel fabulous.

Although if the heels are so high are not your thing, you can always take a look of denim with a pair of booties of platform-as-a did Selena Gomez in this look, in which the t-shirt, black neutral, contrasted with a jacket of brown leather making an outfit with a country feel, ranch.

Whatever the style of Selena Gomez, you can always adjust your clothing as suggestions, adapting them to your own style or personality. The looks of denim jeans it will also look super pretty with tennis whites, seeing beautiful without sacrificing the comfort.

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