Separation. Shakira brings her children from Barcelona. Pique is left alone

June 03, 2020
(12:54 CET)

Shakira it has always been characterized by being a woman of strong convictions. When something gets in the head, not to until you do. Already when I was just a teenager was very clear that his dream was to succeed in the scenarios. It is clear that the dream has fulfilled, and with a vengeance.

However, the concern now of Shakira it is that of many mothers: their children. You know very well the colombian that, for a lot of who are lucky enough to live in a house in which Milan and Sasha is not that they have precisely problems of stress due to lack of space, it is still very hard for them to be so many weeks with the routines of a day-to-day in which no school and hardly any contact with other children.

Shakira brings her children

That is why, taking into account that this year Shakira and Pique not going to be able to have a holiday together, as the footballer will be almost all the summer playing with the Barcathe colombian already appears to be very clear that you do not plan to spend the summer in Barcelona.

The options in this case are not yet very clear. What more you want Shakira it is open to the traffic of flights international and to be able to travel to Miami with their children to, from, step, to see their parents.

However, it is not yet known if they will be able to travel or not, so that the singer is considering other options of travel Spain or, directly, be installed in the house The Cerdagne.

In this sense, for a lot of that Pique I would be delighted to be able to enjoy the summer with his wife and their children as they have done in the last few years, everything seems to indicate that they will live separately. That always and when the Barca go advancing in the final phase of the Champions League. We will see what decision to take both but what seems more clear is that Pique is going to be alone in Barcelona.