Sonemos, in spite of everything: Daniel Casas examines the crisis of the musicians in the pandemic – Music and Books – Culture


Plausible, not least, the position of the Ministry of Culture to encourage all types of radio station to intensify in its programming in the rotation or inclusion of musical material for performers and composers of colombia.

The intention of the ministry, that this way the artists can see an increase in your income thanks to royalties that the dissemination of his music can generate, sand star in a very particular way with the current controversy that has to the collecting entity of the same, Sayco, in a kind of pillory in public.

A contradiction that seems to be of great validity. For others, pity that the due diligence is required only as a consequence of the critical situation, by reason of the pandemic, living the different gears of the string of the musical.

The application, which needed to be established for years as a decree of permanent protection to the creativity and talent national, has not even been reason for a norm given by the colombian Government during this complicated time we live in, with what in truth, would feel as a true backup to the colombian artist.

This, on the contrary, and without demeritarla, it is only a request of good intent.

Says the open letter of the ministry: “The quarantine decreed by the National Government to prevent the rapid spread of the pandemic struck, in the form capital, in the sector of music. The situation paralyzed their social dynamics and, consequently, the possibility of generating financial resources for the thousands of artists and people that depend financially on this segment of culture, in all its variables”.

But both the ministry and other local entities that are responsible for the culture in the country should not be left alone in this kind of instances, advocating to the will generous third party.

While nearly all sectors of the economy have had to undergo or adapt to this situation, it is true that the music industry is absolutely the braking in these moments.

It is outrageous, then, the trend because our musical environment is going to feel a relief requesting others to do or invest money in “festivals at the park in line”, as presented in the past days, Idartes, disregarding completely a serious matter, which at this time has nothing to do with a cultural offer to the public, when the people who matter in this moment are those who build and are economically dependent on this industry.

Column Connection sound. Daniel Casas, a music reporter. @danielcasasc