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The National team of El Salvador faced Belgium in the first of their three games at the World Cup of Mexico 1970. This Wednesday, June 3, are fulfilled 50 years of that special meeting debut in the maximum tournament level selections

The first game of the Elite in the world he went to Belgium, a very tough rival. The belgians, led by Johan Devrindt, were a team so compact and effective that away in the Playoffs of the UEFA selections with great historical value, such as the Spanish Amancio and the very Yugoslavia’s great Dragan Džajić. An outrage. Having explained in broad outline the merits of the previous team coached by Raymond Goethals, it’s time to get into the meeting debut of The Savior in the world.
At Estadio Azteca, in front of almost 100,000 people, the selections of El Salvador, and Belgium clashed on a day with low clouds and a perfect one to play the better football. The National Anthem rang with particular rapidity given to its extension choir, and the teams were formed one after another in diagonal for that special time of the acts riders. In a forum far away, filling a few hundreds of salvadorans clustered to encourage the Blue-and-White, there emerged the National Flag and with the transcendent inscription: “God Union Freedom”.

After the whistle of the initial arbitrator Romanian Andrei Radulescu the whole of Belgium pulled out from the center and was not long in coming to the area defended by “Ninón” Osorio and “Chamba” Mariona. The first corner kick for Belgium came just in the first minute of the game; the “Indio” Vásquez did not want reventarla and tried to play with “Spider” Magana who caught the ball in his area as fast as he could before the siege perilous of Paul Van Himst; the belgian was on the verge of tapping the delicate return of the “Indian” in front of the massive criminal. The Selecta, with a 4-3-3 initial, was a bundle of nerves in the first few minutes of the game.

Belgium against El Salvador.

The Choice was not fine at the time of the attack in the first few minutes, bad passes on the ground, belgian, and the lack of societies that made Salvador Flamenco and Ernesto Aparicio disappeared between the central and the contentions belgian. The europeans played fast to the ball and were circuits in the middle and a little less on the sides. The Elite looked better for the banks with arrivals of “Pipo” and Mauricio Manzano, but at the centre we saw him, with very little development of the game.

The 1-0 came on 12 minutes through Winfried Van Moer. In ball, still the above-mentioned steering wheel, the belgian was not pursued by “Mon” Martinez, threw a wall around the centre with Wilfried Puis, this returned the ball and Van Moer shot with a lot of comfort in the face of pressure still distant from the “Indio” Vásquez. The whiplash, thrown from some 35 meters exceeded the mark of the steering wheel and then “Ninón” Osorio, who tried to deflect the ball by turning your head, but the ball will exceed, and also to Magana, who was surprised by the only boat that gave the ball. Our goalkeeper tried to reach with his right hand, but the ball bent his strength and hid in the corner under the right of his goal.

The Elite always tried to close to the line of cal send centers to play at the top, but the coverage of the belgians were excellent to avoid that the ball arrived in the area at risk. Other centers salvadorans or even leading well due to the odd slip. The luck is not accompanied by any side. The efforts on defense stood out more than any other part of the court in favor of El Salvador.

In the second time the Elite came out with the best of intentions, but always with a game devoid of most solid companies by the centre. The majority of shots salvadorans ended in the wall belgian and rarely any came to be of concern to Christian Piot, who could well have launched a pasquín, as it says in the caló of football.

Belgium against El Salvador.

If Magaña bird’s-eye took part of the responsibility in the first goal the belgian in the second was nearly total. A centre from the right by Léon Semmeling was not able to find unchecked in the first instance to Van Himst, who, with the hint of testa deceived Magaña, the archer salvadoran was half way, the ball passed behind and was connected by Van Moer at 54 minutes. The belgian still had time to accommodate the ball with the left thigh and shoot it right in a violent way towards the arc vacuum. “Chamba” Mariona claimed a possible hand for if the flies, but Radulescu endorsed and got the 2-0 that bounced all hope cuscatleca of a tie.

Ernesto Aparicio was in his right foot the more clear in favor of the Elite after stealing the ball to a confianzuda behind the belgian. But Aparicio, free of all branding, finished off smooth to the bilge of Piot, who ruled in great shape in extremis almost on the boundary of the area girl. “Net” is lamented and threw him to the turf seconds later. Surely, even you don’t believe.

The cherry on the cake came after 73 minutes, Santiago Méndez, who replaced the 67 Mauricio Manzano. Mendez fell in the area of Léon Semmeling and Radulescu declared criminal in favor of Belgium. Magaña you guessed it, the collection of Raoul Lambert, who is left-handed and with a lot of power planted the ball low, away even from the left-hand side of “Spider”. The 3-0 liquidated the Elite, who fell without extenuating to the europeans, stronger and more compact in all lines.

Belgium against El Salvador.


El Salvador (0): Raúl Magaña; Roberto Rivas, Salvador Mariona, Saturnino Osorio, Mauricio Manzano (Santiago Cortés 64′); Jose Quintanilla, Jorge Vasquez, Salvador Flamenco, Mauricio Rodriguez (Genaro Sermeño 87′), Juan Ramón Martínez, Ernesto Aparicio. DT: Hernán Carrasco Vivanco

Belgium (3): Christian Piot; Georges Heylens, Nicolas Dewalque, Jean Dockx, Jean Thissen; Léon Semmeling (Odilon Polleunis 80′), Wilfried van Moer, Johan Devrindt; Paul van Himst, Raoul Lambert, Wilfried Puis. DT: Raymond Goethals.

Goals: Van Moer (13′, 54′), Lambert (criminal 80′)