The actress speaks for the first time about his reunion with Brad Pitt

Awards SAG meant the long-awaited reunion of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anistonthat for the first time in years, were seen together at a public event. The two managed to win a prize that night, but what had more impact was the affectionate greeting and the look of complicity they shared. An iconic image that he did recall the public marriage that remained. By that time they were considered the couple by excellence, before that the protagonist of Once upon a time in… Hollywood break the relationship by getting to know Angelina Jolie. Many have spoken about it, but for the first time the protagonist breaks her silence on Entertaiment Weekly: “It was crazy, but of course, what else were going to talk about that day?”.

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A stylish way to to understand that that reunion was highly anticipated both by the media and by his followers. A few images in which Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were greeted like good friends with love, leaving behind any kind of misunderstanding fruit of his break. They met in 1998, starring in a romance that captured the front pages of all the american press and international and in 2000, the couple strengthened their relationship by marrying in a private ceremony.

While Brad Pitt kept quiet about this meeting, the actress has decided to break it with an elegant answer. Yes, it seems clear that their relationship is one of friendship, since at the moment there is nothing to indicate any reconciliation. A friend of the couple narrated recently in Entertaiment Tonight the process of apology that followed the superstar of Hollywood with his ex-wife. “Brad is completely sober now and is at a point completely different that was when he was with Jennifer. Brad is really an introspective type of person that has worked hard on himself. Has apologized to her for many things which he felt were problems in their relationship. He has actually admitted to his mistakes and has changed her the relationship between them currently. Both have moved forward“said this source.

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The marriage signed their divorce in 2005, in the middle of rumors of an alleged disloyalty of Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie, his partner in the cast Mr. and mrs. Smith. It would not be until after the signing when the first images of the new couple came to light. After getting married in 2014, and with six children in common, the surprise came on the 2016when a divorce trastocaba what appeared to be a relationship idyllic. The alcohol problems of the actor were some of the reasons that transcended. Four years later, the first public meeting of Pitt and Jennifer Aniston promises to generate even more comments.