The delicate state of health of Emilia Clarke


Emilia Clarke tells us details about the delicate state of health in which it was found during the filming of Game of Thrones.


April 9, 2019

Emilia Clarke not only has approached to the death in his role as Daenerys Targaryen in the acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. Also, says the actress, has lived at critical moments in reality, and during the filming of the same. As he confessed for the first time The New Yorker and then in an interview with CBS, Clarke he was not in his best condition during the recordings of the first seasons.

The actress was in the gym when the first incident happened in 2011, at the end of the filming of the first season. “I felt as if an elastic band I would have hit the head, a pain that rose uncontrollably tone. A pressure incredible and I soon realized that I could not walk or remain standing, at that moment I knew that I had a brain damage,” he said. A brain aneurysm, caused by a hemorrhage around the brain, was the diagnosis.

After an urgent surgery and six weeks of recovery, the protagonist returned to work in the second season. “During the filming, I felt unsure of myself, weak and afraid to die at any moment. The second season was the worst for me, I did not know what Daenerys was doing.”

After take forward the second and third season of the series, the “nightmare” returned. The symptoms came back and Clarke he was admitted to the hospital for a second surgery where he had the closest experience to death. During the rehabilitation, the protagonist of Game of Thrones suffered panic attacks, anxiety and depression. “I admit that at that time I was convinced that I was not going to survive, and when I recovered I thought I could not return to act”.

After a long recovery, he returned to the set and without a doubt, the personality of her character helped her to regain her energy and self-esteem, being the character more strong and powerful of the series.

While we all wait impatient for the premiere of the eighth and final season, Emilia Clarke took advantage of the moment to announce the launch of a new partnership Same to you and where he let us know that after years of silence she decided to share her story.

Same to you focuses on understanding the procedures of recovery for people with brain damage, in the funding of clinical research and form a new training for neurorehabiliatación. “All after leaving the hospital should have rehabilitation and recovery treatment they desperately need”.

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Valeria Viniegra

Valeria Viniegra