The disturbing photos of Emilia Clarke recovering from their operations brain


He had to get the last season of Game of Thrones for that Emilia Clarke reveals one of his biggest secrets. The british actress revealed in march that it had suffered two aneurysms after the filming of the first season of the HBO series, something that made him think that it would not act. Now, the singer of 32 years has shared images of his days of struggle after the operations.

Has been for your step by the television program CBS Sunday Morning where Clarke has shared some images of those moments in the hospital, showing the wounds after the interventions and leaving to see a face of sadness in them that are very rarely used to see the followers of the actress london.

“I was in the gym when I felt a snap in the brain, like a rubber band when it breaks. A huge pressure inside of me. I realized that I could not stand or walk. In that moment I knew that he was suffering from brain damage”, it has been reported the actress on the first of the two aneurysms he suffered. After the operation and a recovery from a month and a half, Clarke was able to return to the set of Game of Thrones, that it was recording then its second season.

The low morale came when, two years after the first attack, he had to return to surgery to have another aneurysm, which is more severe than the previous one. “My brain almost death”he said the interpreter, ensuring that they do not even know what it was that happened. “I did not know what I might have affected. I always tell them that my taste for men”, it has been reported the actress to put a smile at the time.

Clarke has remembered those moments in which you spent “a great fear” by recognizing that hesitate if I could go back to acting. “It has been my reason to live for a long time”, has declared on Sunday Morning, stating that although the first aneurysm was “difficult”, the second “it was a lot harder.” “I went through a period of very low mood,” he confessed, ensuring that their interpretation of a character as strong as Daenerys Targaryen made her worry and for him to dwell on the hard times they endured.