The joke of Rihanna at Kevin Durant for his positive Coronavirus


The pandemic of the coronavirus that continues to affect every day to more people, and it is increasingly common to read news of celebrities who have contracted the diseaseone of the first to advertise your positive for the virus was the NBA player, Kevin Durant. The player of the Brooklyn Nets, along with other teammates such as Kyrie Irving were infected by COVID-19 and in this way joined other basketball stars such as Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell or Christian Wood.

Now in the midst of the global crisis because of the pandemic virus Kevin Durant made a direct through its account of Instagram to explain to his followers as was his state of health and appeared to surprise the singer Rihanna, who did not hesitate to joke around with the player about his positive for coronavirus. The artist snuck in full broadcast, and said the following: “Is it allowed that KD is in this transmission? Should I use a mask for this streaming?”asked the singer.

After that, Kevin Durant did not stay idly by and decided to replicate the artist of the Bahamas in the following way: “Hey, did you not just return from Europe?”, he answered matter-of-factly. This crossing of a joke some of the users tagged him “flirtation” and more after this type of crossings of statements between the two is something usual for followers of basketball and specifically the NBA you already know since years ago.

The singer wanted to give to understand to all the world it had simply been a joke and closed the conversation by wishing a speedy recovery to the player: “seriously, mejórate soon, KD”. This has made have raised a multitude of speculations about a possible romance between the player and the artist.

Drake ignored

Another of the moments that left us the direct of Kevin Durant was the intervention of Drake who chimed in with a joke and posted a comment that said: “We have to bury the jokes about the Crown of Treyfive (Kevin Durant)”but neither Rihanna nor the player replied to the rapper, who was completely ignored for both of them.