The level of study reached by the Kardashian sisters


The famous family Kardashian it is full of celebrities that have been highlighted in the world of entertainment, in addition, several of them have chosen to become entrepreneurs through different markets.

With a great range of possibilities in front of themthis family has been able to position themselves to become one of the most famous within the media, where each one has taken a life in the surrounds of celebrities, brands and entrepreneurs ready to collaborate with them.

But how did they do? The secret of the family Kardashian probably not is based on the knowledge acquired within the school, as there are few of them who have graduated successfully.

Continue reading and find out all the details behind the school life of the members of this lineage.

Kim Kardashian

He attended the high school Marymount and later to college at Pierce College, shortly after signing up, the celeb he abandoned his studies, although put forward that he wanted to retomarlos to follow in the footsteps of his father and go to law school. So he did, beginning to perform practices also with a law firm, Kim would graduate around 2022 if everything works out according to his plans.

Kris Jenner

Study high school at Clairemont High School in San Diego, but after graduating he left his studies to marry her first husband. After that, Kris does not retake the studies and initiate the construction of the empire family.

Kourtney Kardashian

Graduated from the same high school that Kim, after that he joined the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, but he decided to interrupt briefly their estudiaos to move to the University of Arizona. There was where the celeb graduated in 2002 in the Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts, with a specialty in Spanish language. His mastery of the language has been demonstrated in KUWTK several times.

Rob Kardashian

Enrolled in the University’s Marshall School Of Business to Southern California and graduated from this institution in the year 2009, though he said he would continue with his studies by entering the law school did not do so, but has put into practice its profession original through the clothing stores that manages.

Kylie Jenner

He received education at home, taking classes with a private school in line, so it was that the celeb was able to graduate from high school and immediately put forward that it had no plans to continue with their studies through a college career.

Kendall Jenner

He also received education at home by the same private school that Kylie, despite the fact that Kendall had to graduate a year before her sister, both ended up high school in 2015. Kendall said he does not think to get a college education because of that, from your perspective, would not make sense to enter a college or university to get a job when she already has one.

Khloé Kardashian

Attended the same high school that Kim and Kourtney, but when they graduated and decided to quit that school and transferred to the backs of their parents to enter the Academy in Alexandria, she graduated with honors from this school, which is aimed at those intending to devote themselves to the entertainment industry.