The new service staff for the Meghan Markle and prince Harry paid $ 8,700 per day –


Since the dukes of Sussex moved to Los Angeles each new detail of her life is news. And every sum spent also!

Meghan Markle (38) and the Prince Harry (35) came to Los Angeles in march, from British Columbia and, according to the press, breathed out his security agreement with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, therefore the safety of the couple is one of the most important issues and more discussed both in EE.UU as in England.

According to the latest reports the duke and duchess and little Archie are being protected by GDBA one of the security companies of celebrities that belongs to Gavin de Beckerwith rates of up to 8 thousand dollars per day.

Gavin de Becker was chief of security of the former president Ronald Reagan and whose clients include celebrities from the likes of Madonna (61), Tom Hanks (63), Jennifer Lawrence (29) and magnates as Jeff Bezos.

The price of the service round the $ 8,700 per daythat would exceed 3 million a year, it is believed that the rate includes a team of 6 bodyguards working in rotation.

According to reports, the highly trained team might include former intelligence officials from the FBI and the CIAand former marines of the united states. UU., as well as behavioral scientist specializing in threat assessment.