The picture of the past of Beyonce, JLo and Shakira showing that her hips don’t lie


This picture is causing a sensation on the social networks.

Beyoncé, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are three of the singers most successful and iconic in the world, and a picture of the past has been viralizado in networks.

In the image appear the three singers posing embraced, showing off their stunning bodies and toned abdomen.

Jennifer sported a white pants to the hip with a belt, silver, a crop white top, and a bandana in black with white.


At his side was Shakira, who took a pair of trousers also to the hip blue with gold tone with a brown belt, a beautiful crop top is golden brown and a black belt in the head.


Beyoncé looked beautiful and bragged about her curves with a pair of wide, bright, and a top-lilac color with glitter.


This image of the past caused euphoria in the social networks, as fans of the three artists were thrilled to see them together at that time, and would like to repeat.

“OMG these three women are the best”, “this picture is worth gold”, “I want you to repeat this picture, they are the best singers”, “I loved to see them together”, “wow they are some divas I love you”, “the best hips of all time”, and “the best trio”, were some of the reactions in the networks.

Fans dream to see them together again, although, more recently, Shakira and Jennifer gathered for the Super Bowl, giving a few of the shows most striking of all-time.

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