The story of the photo of Shakira and Ricky Martin almost 30 years ago | LOS40 Classic


Oh how the years go by! Although it seems a lie, Shakira it has been nearly three decades on top of the scenarios. Yes, the worldwide success of the colombian came with Laundry in 2001, but the artist already had several successes to their backs thanks to their first albums Bare feet and Where are the thieves. In addition, being only a teenager he was in Festival de Viña de Mar Chile. At that time, Shakira had only sixteen years. It was in that place where he met for the first time with other latino artists more relevant history: Ricky Martin.

At that time, the puerto rican artist was only 21 years old and, like Shakira, his career was about to take off. Come on, there were still a few years to launch your Living la vida loca. Yes, his name was already beginning to sound.

Well, in social networks, we come to a picture of that moment when the two young artists agreed for the first time. This is a picture that was taken almost thirty years ago where it appears the couple of celebs with a few looks totally different.

Ricky appears with the long hair characteristic that wore during the nineties and with a white jacket sleeves beige very of the time. For its part, a very young Shakira appears with a smile on your face and with the hair being entirely brown. Had not yet switched to the blonde who takes it looking almost the last twenty years.

And what they sang about artists at the Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile in 1993? Thanks to the blessed internet, we have been able to locate the performances of Ricky and Shakira in that time.

The colombians sang the theme You are, a ballad where already pointed ways. Even though I had not developed those gorgoritos with the voice, Shakira already had a powerful voice for youth.

For his part, Ricky sang Fire against fire, another ballad that is carried a lot by that time. One of the things that most attracts the attention of this video is the striking outfit of red stripes that leads the young. And it’s already marked trend!

Without a doubt, almost thirty years later, Ricky and Shakira can be very proud of their careers, two of the artists regarding the music industry.