The wave of outrage at the racism that goes around the world


In the land of opportunity, blacks are tired of being always the target of attacks. The death of George Floyd has unleashed a cry that has spread like wildfire. Reactions to all of them with a common denominator: outrage at the injustice that some people are treated as inferior to your peers without more reason than the color of the skin. Artists, politicians, sportsmen, scientists… influential people with millions of followers in Twitter, in Instagram, in Facebook. Have joined their voices and have taken to the street to scream his frustration, his weariness, in a kind of #MeToo that has jumped from one extreme to another on the planet. “Black lives matter”shout. And there are, now less than ever, willing to be silenced.

The arrest of three other officers for the death of Floyd lowers the voltage

Singers such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Janet Jackson. Also figures of the world of sportas Lebron James of The los Angeles Lakers or the pilot of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton. Stars of fashion, from the designer Marc Jacobs to models like Naomi Campbell and Magnet. For the Oscar-winning Viola Davis, the death of Floyd illustrates a reality far-fetched. “To be black in the USA means you are treated like a convict. Still today, we continue to contend the lynching”. Not what she says alone. Their reasons for subscribing to colleagues in the profession as Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, the director Spike Lee… the list seems endless.

Michelle Obama, a tenant until three years ago, the White House, it is recognized these days “exhausted“for a distress which, he says, never ends. “Now George, but before you were Eric, Sandra and Michael. Continues and continues and continues. Race and racism are a reality that many of us face from small. But to overcome it is thing of all, not just people of color. It does not matter the good intentions that we have, it is necessary to be honest. I pray that all of us have the strength to undertake this journey, I pray for those who were taken from us”.

Neither the presenter Oprah Winfreyone of the voices most influential in the country, manages to be removed from the head the image of agent Derek Chauvin, crushing him with his knee on the neck of Floyd. “I think ‘can’t happen’. And then I see the pictures of the officers by immobilizing him. Your spirit is elevated by the cries of all those who ask for justice in your name!”. It is the same justice that demands the athlete LeBron James when, knee on the ground, reproduces the gesture of Colin Rand Kaepernickthe player of the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 knelt down when it sounded like the national anthem in protest of the discrimination that the american society has on black people.

The former star of the NBA Michael Jordan what happened to you has “filled with fury”. “I see and feel all the wrath and frustration of the people. We need to continue with peaceful expressions against the injustice and demand accountability. Each one of us has to be part of the solution”. For Tiger Woods, the golfer most famous of all time, what happened in the neighborhood of Powderhorn “has crossed a clear line”, in which he recalls the forces of public order that their first obligation is to know “how, when and where to use force.”

“This has to stop!”, exclaims the singer Madonna, who took the opportunity to load against the indiscriminate use of weapons in a country with one of the highest rates of violence. “Until we can defeat racism in the united States can not allow anyone to carry a weapon. Especially the cops. Did you ever finish this? That fuck the police! I don’t want to be politically correct. Oh I am only interested that justice be done!”. A desperation to share Rihanna, for whom “the devastation, the anger and the sadness that I feel are overwhelming”. The artist from Barbados is tired of “seeing my people killed and linchada day after day. The look of Derek Chauvin, the fanatic and assassin, chasing me. I can’t with this!”.

In similar terms, demonstrating Beyoncé, which has launched an initiative to raise the charges to all those involved in the death of George Floyd; or Lady Gaga, who from his position of “women’s white and privileged”, was the oath of keeping your love “by the black community. I do not wish to contribute to more violence, but to a solution. It has come time for a change!”, porfiaba to five months of the presidential election. For Rosalia it is unacceptable that there are still people that lose their lives and be treated unfairly by the color of their skin. “I never understand why our society is racist. It’s not quiet the injustices!”, espetaba from your account of Instagram. Racism, warns for his part, the actor George Clooney, “it is our pandemic. Us infects all and in four hundred years we have not been able to find a vaccine”.

Are created equal?

What happened in Minneapolis nine days ago has come to scrub to those who live mired in the complacency that the american society has two measuring rods and that which now shakes up the foundation is nothing but the manifestation of an inequality endemic. Your complaint is as old as the country, no matter who has unleashed a civil war, or the fact that the reality belies with nagging insistence, the first cardinal truth that highlights your Constitution, that all men are created equal and have been endowed with inalienable rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For two centuries, those same people who were forced to use bathrooms to be segregated, to give up their seat on public transport, which blocked the way to the university but to those who first resorted to when you had to enter combat, have said just. And have not made it only to the disinherited of the Earth, those who had been unable to escape this spiral of racism and inequality. Also known faces, the same black people that white. Americans and citizens of the world.

The international reactions have not been made wait, pulling out the colors to a system that is based on inequality. In Canada, the neighbor to the north, Justin Trudeau has highlighted the “horror and dismay” that involves the brutal murder. The intervention of the prime minister illustrates the tradeoffs that are forced those who browse the procelosas waters of diplomacy. Asked about the threat from Donald Trump to mobilize the Army to quell the protests in the country, Trudeau has made a pause of 20 seconds to finish focusing on the need to fight injustices. But it was already late, there are silences more eloquent than a bang. “It is time to be united, learn to the injustices that are still occurring in spite of the progress,” he lamented.

The outrage was also apparent in the European Unionthat is confessed today by the mouth of his representative for Foreign affairs, Josep Borrell, “shocked and appalled” by the death of George Floyd, a fact which has been referred to as an “abuse of power, something that must be fought and denounced in the united States and everywhere.” In similar terms expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bacheletwho has remembered that the protests erupted not only cry out against “police violence”, but against a “inequalities” that have gained greater visibility if it should be for the current health crisis in which we are involved.