Very natural, striking out Selena Gomez in a bikini with tummy and cellulite


A group of fans celebrated when in previous years the famous singer Selena Gomez showed overweight and cellulite in a bikini.

In the images you saw when the famous singer took advantage of his sunny days in a yacht.

There, wearing a bikini of two pieces in which the bra is orange and the thong on sale by its black color.

Selena Gomez

However, these details passed to a second level when the followers saw the physical state of the artist.

At that time it looked a little rise of kilos and cellulite highlighted in a major way.

Despite this, the famous showed no resistance and on the contrary, it would seem as if you wanted to look at her as he was. He smiled and did poses that betrayed their extra pounds.

Selena Gomez

How it was to be expected, his group of followers, highlighted the courage of the singer in those moments and are glad that Selena regained his physical form.

“Beautiful, the people who like to criticize”, “it is Always valid to let go to eat well, enjoy and no re-take discipline to retrieve those extra pounds of more.”

The images were discovered in an out of famous around the year 2017, however, now three years after meeting Selena was consolidated as one of the most beloved artists in the last decade.

Selena Gomez

Their successes in music, his past relationship with Justin Bieber and a few encounters with their fans have made Selena a star of the entertainment in Hollywood.

Without a doubt, Selena, at 27 years old he knew how to catapult your career started in a series for youth channel Disney Channel.