Viola Davis, Halle Berry and Angela Bassett, actresses black-who overcome the discrimination in Hollywood


Viola Davis, Halle Berry or Angela Bassett, actress black who have broken the discrimination in Hollywood Source: File

The death of George Floyd

he has returned to uncover a problem not solved in the united States:

racial discrimination


Separeted but equal

(separate but equal) was the idea that after the Civil War disguised discrimination latent that somehow has come down to our days. Although the situation has changed radically since then, the

battle for equality still having fronts in all fields.

Also in Hollywood.

And, in addition, the actresses add to the fact of being women as obstacles to get leading roles, salaries, and equal prizes of first level for their performances.

In 2016 and on the occasion of the ceremony of the Oscars, CNN published some data are very significant: from 1990 and until that date had been nominated for awards 15 actors black in front of 120 whites, and 6 actresses black front 129 white. In 2015 we launched a movement, OscarSoWhite, who criticizes

the invisibility in the Academy of american film actors african-american

. But there are some names, in this case women, who have been paving the way her fellow african-americans within the film industry.

The first Oscar won by Hattie McDaniel

for her role as Mammy in

What with the wind,

it was


. The actress could not sit in front of their castmates, and in theory could not attend the theatre for being black. He received his award, saying: “I sincerely Hope always serve my race and the motion picture industry. God bless you”. 51 years after,

in 1990, it was Woopie Goldberg

who got the statuette for her role in

Ghost, the shadow of love

. And it was not until

2002 for Halle Berry

raised with

the only Oscar

managed up to now

for a performer black in the category of best actress

. After them only Jennifer Hudson, for


; Mo Nique for his performance in


Octavia Spencer for her role of Minny Jackson in

Stories cross

; Lupita’nyong or that gave life to Patsey in

12 years of slavery

; Viola Davis in


and Regina King, in

The blues of Beale Street

have gotten the prized statuette, and in the section of best actresses of the distribution.

But even in Hollywood, a place where the power handle mostly white men, there is the feeling that the times are going by in front of the Academy, although sometimes acts as a

the murder of Floyd at the hands of the police to tarnish that vision

. In recent years, the international success has placed interpreters of black on the first line, and have thus managed to become a role model for women all over the world and on a reliable image for some brands, which have seen them ambassadors that are valid for their products.

Interestingly a group of them add to these two conditions, to be close to or have exceeded the age of fifty years, another drawback to shine when it comes to practice the profession of actress. It is the case of the same

Halle Berry

(53 years),

Angela Bassett

(61 years,

Malcom X


Black panther

or the series

American Horror Story


Taraji P. Henson


The curious case of Benjamin Button

or the successful series



Viola Davis


Stories cross



or the series

How to get away with a murderer

) and

Regina King

(49 years).

All of them have shown firmness and constancy to work in the office, and many accumulate in their personal stories episodes that have required strength and coping skills.

Halle Berry, the oscar-winning 2002
Halle Berry, the oscar-winning 2002 Source: File – Credit: AFP PHOTO/Lucy Nicholson

Halle Berry

she was raised by her mother alone after her father’s leave, next to the sister of the actress, when she was four years old. A presence that has returned with bouts of alcoholism and violence until the law forced him to be separated from them by ill-treatment. He knew what was the poverty and the racism by the teasing that he suffered for the color of their skin in the suburb in which he lived as a teenager and after she herself was accused of ill-treatment of her first husband, the baseball player David Justice, whom she divorced in 1997, after four years together.

He also suffered inhuman treatment, insulting the model Gabriel Aubry

, with whom he went out for five years and with whom she had her daughter Nahla in 2008. A relationship that the actress has described as a hell by the racism and abuse that he received from his partner.

Regina King

also grew up without a father figure after his father divorced his mother and lost contact with her and her sister. He resumed the relationship with him many years later when he learned that he had parkinson’s. The actress was married in 1997 with Ian Alexander, when he was vice president of Qwest Recods and they have a son of 24 years who is called as your father. Although the couple divorced nine years later and saw a stage of bitter estrangement, she remembered the damage that he had caused her and her sister the same attitude of their parents and, since then, maintained a good relationship for the sake of the son they have in common.

Angela Bassett

she is married to actor Courtney B. Vance, with whom he has two twins of 13 years, a girl named Bronwyn Golden and a child, Slater Josiah, who were born by surrogacy. Among their teachings as a mother, there are two mantras that guide her life: “Everything is better when you have a good attitude”, and “No is no”, a maximum with special emphasis on his son after that she had a sexual assault in childhood.

Viola Davis

neither had a childhood easy in South Carolina. Its popularity has been discovering a childhood marked by poverty, that has a single photograph in the nursery, because their house never had the money, and having a camera was a luxury impossible to achieve. “We didn’t have a phone, or food,” he said in an interview in People. He also recalled that one of the times most sad I remember is the one where you had to put rags around your neck to avoid that the mordieran the rats that were in his house. “The problem with poverty is that it will start to affect the mind and the spirit because you are invisible to people. But I from a very young age I decided I wanted that kind of life. And having lived so allows me to appreciate a lot and appreciate what I have now because never before had. A garden, a house, pipes in good condition, a fridge full, that people always take for granted,” she told the magazine.