What Adele is the new BFF of Meghan Markle and Harry? It now gives tips to her life in Los Angeles!


Ok, ok, if there is a group of which WE form a part, without a doubt, is this: everything seems to indicate that Adele, Meghan Markle and Harry have begun a new and cute friendshipespecially by the fact that Adele has been giving good advice to his new life in Los Angeles… and we love it! Apparently, Adele he lives a few minutes away from the house (temporary) Meghan Markle and Harry in Beverly Hills, so that gives them to give some tips about the life of Angelina.

According to a source said to the newspaper “the Sun”, “Adele is just five minutes from Harry and Meghan Markle and exchanged comments about the area. Adele he loves the neighborhood. It also recommended that the preschool of his son Angelo, of four years, to carry Archie where the fans don’t follow … The three get along very well. Meghan Markle he admires how Adele has managed to stay out of the spotlight despite being a big star. And is a big fan of her album ’21’, which according to her, helped her during her divorce Engelson”. OMG! We can not with the level of coolness there is in this news. Could it be that Meghan Markle and Harry it will be in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills? If Adele recommend it, we would.