What Cardi B pregnant once again? This video could confirm this!


Rapper american gave much to talk about in this video Is she pregnant?

Rapper american gave much to talk about in this video Is she pregnant?

Cardi B it is one of the singers most controversial today, and this woman is with its extravagant curves has always been giving what to talk about. This time they filmed modeling in a swimsuit and greatly impressed his followers.

After you have given birth to their little girl, the hot body of this brunette has been recovered almost in its entirety, however, the u.s. appears to be facing an aesthetic problem Never been seen as the natural!!!

The 27-year-old says that he has lately had to put the belly to get in the pictures with the flat abdomen, and even in this video you can notice more when he offers his profile to the camera.

Who would think that a woman as extravagant as Cardi would be going on for these moments as “normal” by that cross all mothers after giving birth? In spite of everything, of all your curves that is the one that more has fallen in love with their fans, as they have stated.

Almost a year ago, the rapper stated that it would not pass under the knife, because, apparently, the multiple surgeries have been passing bills, and on multiple occasions the u.s. has shown in their social networks Will no longer will be operated and will be devoted to the exercise?

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