13 Reason Why: what character is identified Selena Gomez?


The young celebrity, Selena Gomez, have great roles in the world of the show. And not just as a singer or actress, whose performances have been recognized at the global level, the American star has more of a talent. The songwriter, is also a fashion designer, a philanthropist, and a producer of television. This last is the tie that binds the famous series of Netflix with the exchica Disney.

For the first time, it should be clarified that Gomez I had to take the role of “Hannah Baker” in the moment “13 Reason Why” was originally intended as a film from Universal Picture for the year 2011. Although this was a central theme, the project came to the home of Netflix as a tv series. It was on this occasion when the interpreter “Boyfriend” took the decision to stay as one of the executive producers.

What do you feel Selena Gomez by Hannah Baker?

So as you read it, Selena Gomez has a lot of edges that the anchor series of Jay Asher, and sought to be close to that which was his character, so it was a simple idea because it seems that is felt identified. The information that transcended ensures that the actress pursued the writer in the company of her mother, Mady Teefey, who by the way, is also an executive producer. All this with the purpose of showing the project to the rest of the world.

I see both in Hannah. Seven years ago it was so and even more so today, which I find funny because it should be the opposite. The more I’ve grown, the more insecure I have become, which is rare, but that is something that a lot of people can relate,” said the celebrity 27 years of age. In addition, he clarified that Hannah Baker “a quiet strength”, that he did not want his life to be like the other girls.

“Many girls feel they have to be a certain way to get attention. Social networks have amplified all of that. She didn’t want that out of what was supposed to be your life.” As well as Selena Gomez has indicated in other interviews, she didn’t want to be anyone other than herself. Especially, in these times, where has been dedicated to express the love for your body and you want all to accept themselves as they are.

13 Reason Why, is available in the application streaming, from the afternoon of Friday. Although it was intended to be a short series, thanks to its great rise and acceptance on the part of the viewers, it was extended, even so, has already come to an end. What is the news that bring these new chapters?