5 Outfits inspired by the style of Harry Styles


Harry Styles it has been distinguished by the touch of classic rock that was adopted for her career as a solo artist with 2 albums released, the briton has won the affection of fans with his charisma, style, and lyrics that range from the more emotional, inspired by a broken heart, to fun songs and cheeky, as “Medicine” or “Kiwi”.

The singer has also been highlighted by his love of fashion, as an ambassador of Gucci, Harry Styles he went to his first Met Gala in 2019, is one of the co-hosts. On tour Live on Tour desfilo with various and colourful costumes designed especially for him and others who purchased according to the style I was looking for.

Her style is vintage and a worthy rock star, he has explained that he likes to have fun with clothes and that for him there is no limit in terms of gender refers to the hour of dressing. From tops and pants to the waist, sweaters and pearl necklaces. We’ll leave you a list with 5 outfits inspired by the style of Harry Styles



If you want a vintage touch, but you an aura of mysterious and dark, this style is for you. You can use it both in school or when you want to go more casual, but without looking very elegant. Will give you a touch of sexy and tender at the dress the stockings and shoes of this outfit. You should not forget to use a makeup with a neutral or matte finish to give it the perfect touch. The skirt, which should preferably be of black leather and don’t forget your fishnet stockings, the blouse can be white, or similar, but that has ruffles to give the ideal effect.



The singer is also fond of the ancient times, so that you only need a pair of trousers of corduroy, vans, a necklace of pearls, a t-shirt stripes, and a jacket that you like that vintage or hippie. It’s a look that will make you feel comfortable and with which you can go to the school.



As a lover of rock, Harry is distinguished by seeming to be a singer from the 80’s, you must not forget the sunglasses and the t-shirts vintage to give it the perfect touch to this look. You can seem casual, but will give you an aura of maturity. Don’t forget the vans and black pants loose.



If your style is vintage or rockstar doesn’t catch your attention, you can choose the one inspired by their time with 1D. The bandana is essential for this set, torn jeans of black color, rings, and some black boots. You can go to school, go out with friends or be at home with this outfit. Don’t forget to choose a t-shirt with some logo of a rock band.



If you want to look serious and dress casual but not wear suits, just need some boots very feminine gold-colored or silver, a black blouse, a trench coat or overcoat of the same color, black jeans worn and a hat. Remember that the rings are important to give an aura aesthetic to your outfit.