64 great movies streaming free for June 2020

Given that a large part of the country is still in quarantine, it is possible that you are looking for ways to entertain for the afternoon. (Or, heck, days if your schedule allows).

To help you, we’ve compiled 64 of our favorite movies that are currently streamed for free on Netflix.

Below is our new list for June of 2020. We have new this month at the top, and then the rest in no particular order (with documentary saved for the end).

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Enjoy the movies!

1. CLUELESS (back in June): this classic cold as the stone it is timeless And a perfect encapsulation of the era of the 90 from which it sprang.

2. HELP (new in June) – Octavia Spencer steals this movie about Mississippi in the sixties.

3. INSIDE THE MAN (New in June) – Spike Lee delivers with his ode to the movie the break-in. With fantastic performances from Clive Owen and Denzel Washington.

4. THE QUEEN (new in June) – Helen Mirren elevates this movie, it will be a disaster for the anglófilos.

5. WALK HARD: THE HISTORY, DEWEY COX (new in June): discrete, perhaps the most amusing film of the last 15 years, the submission of biographies music has no notes wrong.

6. LADY BIRD (new in June): a fascinating story about the age of majority counted at the beginning of Sacrament.

8. SILENCE OF THE strings (New in June): one of the best suspense movies ever made, this masterpiece directed by Jonathan Demme starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in his defining role.

7. FROST / NIXON (New June 16) – A fantastic film about the confrontation between a journalist and the former president in disgrace.

8. ONLY: I can not make a follow-up of the films that the characters of Star Wars consider to be acceptable or not, but this trick of mugging I loved it.

9. SOLDIER TINKER TAILOR SPY: an adaptation-changing and beautiful novel of John Le Carré, who reminds us that the international espionage is still taking place among normal people.

10. THE LOBSTER – Amazing, weird and disturbing, this film is dystopian imagine a place where the people are ready to leave their bodily form.

11. MUD – Matthew McConaughey shines in this movie hides that I really loved.

12. DRIVE – This movie discreet tension builds until it explodes in a little bit of violence appalling. A work visually dominant starring Ryan Gosling.

13. JOBS: this look at the genius behind Apple shows the painful history behind the biggest successes of the company.

14. FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF – This romp teenager of the 80’s rises beyond the genre to become one of the best films ever made.

15-17. The TRILOGY OF THE MATRIX: perhaps you only see the first. That is totally fine. No one will blame you for stopping after the first.

19. PLAY MOLLY – Jessica Chastain is at the helm in this story about the poker of high risk.

20. EXTRACTION: do you Want to see explode a lot of things and an open palm of Hemsworth slaps some kids in a ridiculous scene of fight? Then, we have the film for you.

21. UNDERWORLD – Kate Beckinsale is strong in this thriller of vampires.

22-24. THE TRILOGY OF BACK to THE FUTURE: one of the great and pure trilogies gained great success ever made. What is the point of science? Of course not. But no matter

25. UNITED 93: hyper-real, hard to see and completely essential, this film recalls the heroic actions of the passengers on United flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

26. THE LINCOLN LAWYER – A thriller that is legal by the books that is raised by Matthew McConaughy, and a great and sordid performance of Ryan Phillippe.

27. UNCUT GEMS: one of the films most intense, disturbing, and brilliant of the last few years, with Adam Sandler in a role star.

28. DISTRICT 9 – A sci-fi thriller with a very real message about what it means to be “alien”.

30. WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY – Forget the strange remake of Johnny Depp. This is the beautiful and strange film that told the story of Roald Dahl.

31. URBAN COWBOY – Did Saturday Night Fever and set it on a bar of jeans? It more or less! But it works!

32. THE PATRIOT – Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger (two australian) star in a film about the American Revolution. Of course!

33. RUIN BLUE – This movie starts to simmer, and eventually becomes one of the great thrillers of recent memory. I have No idea why this movie was not a big problem. Really sensational.

34. JARHEAD – Jake Gyllenhall stars in a drama changing question: What happens when soldiers do not go to war?

35. ACE VENTURA: DETECTIVE DE mascotas: silly, ridiculous, with some jokes that are really of bad taste, the film remains so due to the total commitment of Jim Carrey with the part.

36. EX MACHINA – The masterpiece of science fiction by Alex Garland remains his best film.

37. BLADE RUNNER – Speaking of masterpieces of science fiction, here is the G. O. A. T. Watch it if you have not done.

38. BLOW – Johnny Depp amuses himself in this biopic of drugs.

39. DOLEMITE IS MY NAME – A retro look at the 70’s. Eddie Murphy is the protagonist and you can’t take your eyes off.

40. GROUNDHOG DAY: a movie that takes a premise silly and becomes one of the best films ever made. A perfect watch.

41. HELL OR HIGH WATER – Ben Foster is at the helm in this modern story of Robin Hood.

42. INCEPTION – Bombastic and ridiculous in the best way, Christopher Nolan makes his statement in this action film that takes place primarily in a world of dreams.

43. INCREDIBLES 2 – An animated film perfect about superheroes, yes, but also about the challenges of raising children and maintaining a healthy marriage.

44-46. TRILOGY OF INDIANA JONES – we are Not including the fourth Indiana Jones movie here, and we are doing it for a reason. It is on Netflix, but is not on our list.

47. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS: a fantasy of revenge set in the Second World War, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

48. THE IRISH – The epic mafia Martin Scorcese is long, but fascinating at all times.

49. JERRY MAGUIRE – Tom Cruise is ridiculous in this romantic drama, but in the best way.

50. HISTORY OF MARRIAGE: an examination surprisingly realistic of a failing marriage, but who still finds hope.

51. MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL – Perhaps the film’s funniest and most comical ever made.

52. PHILADELPHIA – Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks star in an exciting thriller legal in the midst of the AIDS epidemic.

53. MOONLIGHT – The story of Barry Jenkins on the age of majority, won Best picture at the Oscars.

54. ROME – The movie of Alfonso Cuarón may be a little slow, but the images are second to none.

55. OKJA – A fantastic review and fantastic of the meat industry, by Bong Joon-Ho.

56. BOOK OF GAMES SILVER LININGS – Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in this movie dance on how to overcome clinical depression. It is more fun than it looks!

57. SNOWPIERCER – The thriller dystopian Bong Joon-Ho, set in a train, now it has been adapted to a tv program not so good.

58. THE TWO POPES – Anthony Hopkins is masterful in this film, which analyzes the decision of Pope Benedict leaving the papacy.

59. ZODIAC – thriller from David Fincher about the killer of the zodiac and the men who hunted may end up being considered as his masterpiece.

60. ICARUS – An incredible documentary that begins as a film about steroids and ends up as a thriller of international espionage.

61. SENNA – One of the best documentaries sports ever made, about the racing legend.

62. JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI – A film about sushi, which ends up becoming much more than that: family, honor, tradition and the pursuit of perfection.

62. THE 92 – A look unbreakable to the riots of 1992 in Los Angeles that demands to be seen now.

63. THE DAWN WALL – A look exciting (no pun intended) to the world of rock climbing in Yosemite and the quest of two men by a route never before attempted.

64. OPERATION ODESSA – A documentary about bananas on the smugglers and fraudsters who try to sell a nuclear submarine and almost get their way.

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