Adele broke the silence and caus furor in the social networks with a polmica revealing


A few weeks after that Adele surprised his followers with a thin and athletic figure that demonstrates in what way the singer lost more than twenty pounds, the Britannica returns to surprise, to break the silence in the midst of global protests about racism after the death of the African-American George Floyd, and power of social networks with the words ms blunt.

And is that in the midst of the movement that has become momentum and is looking to protest against racism, the interpreter Rolling in the Deep opt for to raise the voice and protest to please and, unlike many of his colleagues who have remained silent so as not to join the boycott, and cold in your account of Instagram a portrait of Floyd while you manifest your ms deep indignation for what happened, although it was surprised by to see the speed with which it has grown the protest.

Adele express then that is extremely correct to express the discomfort generated by these social divisions, but aadi that you should not lose the focus of fighting. It will be then, from your point of view, keep asking and learning about what is the reality of the different communities to know how they can support and remove as definitely inequality in the world.

The singer Britannica it was not the nice who alz the voice in the midst of the crisis that is happening. Hailey Bieber, the wife of Canadian Justin Bieber and also aprovech the opportunity to understand what was going on and study that way you can be part of a movement that can generate positive changes in the equality of rights for all people.