Adele returns to networks to show your support to the fight against racism


After a publication where he was notable for his great physical change, Adele came back to appear in their social networks, this time for speaking out against the police brutality that ended with the life of George Floyd in Minneapolis (EE.UU). An action of racism that has been around the world and on the that Adele has wanted to raise awareness to his followers.

Next to one of the images most widespread of Floyd, the singer of ‘Rolling in the deep’ wrote a profound text in revulsion to his murder and the racism that still exists around the world. “The murder of George Floyd has given rise to a cry of outrage all over the world, although there are infinite anonymous that is not what they got in their day. But the protests and demonstrations that are happening simultaneously around the globe are gaining momentum,” he commented, remembering all those who died in the same consequences as George.

The artist chose words very measures to highlight what should be the important thing of this movement. “It is reasonable that you should be angry, but focus. Keep listening, asking, and learning. It is important not to discourage us, or we drift away from the topic or let us handle at this time” he encouraged his nearly 37 and a half million fans.

“This is all about racism, systematic, the violence of the police, and the inequality. And it is not something that happens exclusively in the United States! Racism is alive and present in all parts” continued Adele in your granite of sand in the fight against racial intolerance. “That’s why I sympathize wholeheartedly with this struggle for freedom, liberation, and justice”, concluded the artist in addition to the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter(“The lives of black matter”), #George Floyd and #SayTheirNames (“Say their names”), belonging to the movement in condemnation of the attacks are xenophobic.

Despite how difficult it can be for artists to position themselves so clearly on some issues, Adele has chosen to make public his opinion and speak out against racism that so many are suffering, and by the fact that today so many are protesting.