All the veins marked: Selena Gomez and the dress hardly left her breath


The singer Selena Gomez you know that is a beauty, and that his followers love it, not for nothing it has been consolidated as one of the young artists with ms international recognition of the moment.

With a community of followers that only in Instagram almost reached 180 million, the interpreter of successes as Boyfriend it keeps being news, because it does not only matter what she does, and publish, but also what reunited the hundreds of clubs of fans that look up to her in all the world.

Recently an image of the former of Justin Bieber gave much of which to speak, and it was this time for a garment is very eye-catching: a black dress top model that will fit both the front that even the veins, you will see marked.

Selena G

The outfit of the singer was completed with a hairstyle hair updo and natural makeup that highlighted the eyes: definitely, Justin Bieber is missed out with a modern.

The photo Selena makes a lot of contrast with a public recently on his official Instagram and caus a lot of feelings, as the singer demonstrated with his hair disheveled to the natural and terminal generating a wave of comments of those who loved their spontaneity and daring to be displayed without so many gimmicks.