Ariana Grande, Ben Affleck, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry joined the protest against racism, police


“The worst thing you can say at this time is to not say anything”. Meghan Markle, Hollywood actress married to a member of the British royalty tried to inspire this week to the graduates by 2020 catholic college in Los Angeles, which she received in 1999. He did it by phone, because of the COVID 19, although he resides in the town he was born and grew up.

Of black mother, Meghan reminded them that he witnessed the race riots of 1992 and ended with 55 dead after the acquittal of the police officers who had viciously beaten an unarmed black man, Rodney King. He regretted that the racism is still as alive as to raise a massive national protest because of the arrest and death by asphyxiation of another unarmed black man, George Floyd, this time in Minneapolis. Meghan ended convocándolas to vote for a change.

Luckily this time the protests, which began throughout the country on the 25 of may, seem to have come to fruition in Los Angeles after a dozen days where the band sound of the city that created so many movies were sirens and police helicopters flying over the massive demonstrations, mostly peaceful.

The singer Ariana Grande, in the top 20 of the Forbes magazine for his fortune, do not hesitate to get out to the street the end of last week, when the protest took your claim of social justice to the rich neighbourhood of Beverly Hills. With the face mask and poster written by hand, the artist mingled with the crowd. Then would get mad with the media, upset that we give too much importance to the looting in that first weekend staged groups of opportunists.

In another part of the city, Ben Affleck and his girlfriend, Ana de Armas, took advantage of the paparazzi chase them everywhere to bring them to the heart of the demonstrations the neighbourhood of Venice, where they reside. The singer Machine Gun Kelly, the fashion this month because of his romance with Megan Fox, took the opportunity to disguise their tattoos in another gear crowded.

Kanye West donated millions of dollars to the daughter of George Floyd can go to College when he grows up although he lost some friends musicians such as John Legend, for having said that it intends to vote in November for the re-election of Donald Trump, a president who does not listen to the order of social justice. His wife Kim Kardashian joined the protest from their networks.

Justin Bieber, the pregnant Kathy Perry and Harry Styles chose to participate by donating to pay for the bail of the detained protesters every night for confront the curfew in the city. When Sean Penn heard that the bore on the campus of the local University to record their arrest and to leave them free, was angered even more because in that place they had suspended tests of COVID-19 that he managed to implement with your organization CORE.

Actress Regina King thanked his son, 24-year-old may be a witness of this social mobilization that ended, at least in Los Angeles, promoting changes, with the mayor taking the budget money allocated for the police force to give it to them in exchange to the minority communities most in need. They were glad, Jane Fonda, and Natalie Portman, who included from the beginning for that reason. For Thursday, June 4, 10 days before the start of the marches, after the concessions obtained, and the arrest in Minneapolis of all the police officers involved, gone are the unusual curfews.

Now, Hollywood Reporter, through iconic local entertainment, began to interview the creators of shows by the police to analyze the influence of the TV as it is portrayed in these popular programs to the police violence. With productions stops by the quarantine, that seems to be a very interesting conversation piece.