Demi Lovato continues with the heart broken by a friend Who will?


Despite the fact that the life of the famous singer and actress, Demi Lovato, has changed considerably since its first steps in the entertainment industry, there are friends who never pass of fashion. Therefore, thanks to the confinement required because of the pandemic that triggered the Covid-19, there have been many ties that have been reinforced. Although it may seem incredible to believe, after many years, for the first time something happened that affected all human beings by equal.

During this time book, the celebrities decided to be a part of various challenges, with the aim to be closer to his fans. As for Demi, she joined a challenge that started the singer Christina Aguilera. This involved directly to the American singer, and also to other stars of the entertainment industry such as Alicia Keys, Lizzo, Bethenny Frankel and Halle Berry to create a daily quarantine.

What hid Demi Lovato

According to the information that was learned, Demi Lovato still continuing with the heartbroken by a great friendship in the past. To get the name of the cause of this pain, one must go back a little to the past. It turns out that he finally knew the betrayal that he suffered the singer for part of the Jonas Brothers, especially Nick Jonas, who was his friend unconditionally for more than 10 years.

The story started when the two music stars were in the recording of the famous Disney movie “Camp Rock”. After this experience the two left are more united than ever and thanks to this they managed to take various record labels, such as “Safehouse Records” and autollamaban “best friends”. Well, it seems that friendship, as the rest of the stuff, was not as eternal as they were all waiting.

Although the tie that united them lasted many, many years, even, were so united that when Justin Bieber and One Direction were talking to all the public, Demi Lovato gave support Nick in his project as a soloist. But after achieving what he needed, he decided to give back to “your best friend”, when it came to a major crisis by the consumption of toxic substances. It seems that not only happens in the movies, the civilian flows, the celebrities also suffer betrayals inconsolably.