Dua Lipa heartbroken for not being able to return to the stage


United States.- The British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa showed heartbroken and very vulnerable in their social networks to remember their days of concerts, presentations, and living together with their fans who still may not have because of the current situation which terrifies the entire world.

Using your account on Instagram, Dua shared a series of photographs of some of the presentations that you have had in your career, with the caption: “I miss this very much”, making it clear that your work is your dream come true and is very sad not being able to return to the stage.

Due to the current pandemic coronavirus, as well as many citizens, some stars of the art scene have been hurt, as that his work had to be stopped compulsorily in order to avoid putting at risk your life and the lives of his followers.

Health authorities have strictly prohibited that you make concerts or other mass events of any kind, for which, many celebrities have had to cancel or postpone some of your presentations or tours around the world, such as the case of Lipa, who had to cancel his tour “Future Nostalgia Tour”, in which to promote their new studio album.

During this quarantine, Dua Lipa has lost the opportunity to make several presentations for the promotion of her second record material titled “Future Nostalgia”, which has saddened many of his followers, because this album stands out among the best of this by 2020.

As well as Dua, artists like Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Harry Styles and Ricky Martin have had to make a change of plans with respect to its concerts, which is sad and worried to all her fans, especially to all those who already had their tickets for each tour, as well as flights and transport to foreign.