From Tupac to Xxxtentacion: A sad list of rappers silenced


The hip-hop and its derivative, rap, lived their “golden age” back in the nineties. And it was precisely in those days, when the rivalries between rappers from the East Coast and the West Coast of the united States began a spiral of violence.

The rivalries were joined by the excesses, also considered a cause of death among many rappers who have died in the last few years. The same thing that hit the rock at the end of the decade of the 60s and beginning of 70s is what you are playing live the genre of hip-hop today.

In some aspects, the rap and the violence seem to go hand in hand. But it is not the music itself, is the environment in which we live. The violence was here long before hip-hop,” said Scotty Morris to ‘The New York Times’ in 1987.

Morris was the manager of Scott La Rock, a member of the duo Boogie Down Productions, who was killed by shots in the head and neck in August of that year in the Bronx.

Scott La Rock was 25 years old, and his death, according to the specialized magazine ‘XXL’, meant the loss of the innocence of a musical style that was born in that same neighborhood of new york in the previous decade, when DJ Kool Herc put him on the map at the premiere of the breakbeat in 1973.

This was also the first murder linked to the world of hip-hop of the many that have not been resolved by the police. Between 1987 and 2020, ‘XXL’ has documented more than 68 rappers murdered in the US; two per year.

1. Stretch

Randy Walker, better known by his stage name, Stretch was a rapper and music producer u.s. known as much for appearing in the movie “Who’s the Man?”, as for his complicated relationship with Tupac Shakur.

The song of Stretch and 2Pac, “Pain”, was part of the soundtrack of “Above The Rim”, and is considered a classic of hip hop. Although this is not the only collaboration of the artist, who also shared the stage with The Notorious B. I. G.

The November 30, 1995, was murdered in Queens at the age of 27. A year before, his friend Tupac survived a shooting in his recording studio. There are rumors that point to Stretch as a suspect in that incident.

Stretch. Photo: Internet

2. Tupac Shakur

The rapper known as 2Pac or simply Tupac grew up in Harlem, between poverty, inequality and violence.

It is considered by many as the best rapper of all time. Its controversial lyrics were critical of the government and the police, and caused him serious problems until the day of his death. The simple and most successful of the singer were “Keep Ya Head Up” and “I Get Around”.

In 1993 he was accused of raping a woman and sentenced to eight months in prison. The November 30, 1994, a day before giving the verdict, was the victim of a shooting at his recording studio in Manhattan. He survived, was sent to prison, and eight months after he came out on parole. During the time he was a prisoner, his companion Stretch was not to see him even for a day. In addition, he was closely associated with his great rival, Notorius B. I. G.

On September 7, 1996, to the output of a boxing match of Mike Tyson, he had another altercation while he was on the inside of the car of his manager, Suge Knight. Was severely injured by multiple gunshots and died six days later at the age of 25.

3. The Notorious B. I. G.

The Notorius B. I. G. (Business Instead of Game), or as he called them in their songs, Biggie Smallswas a rapper american regarded as one of the most grándes and influential of all time.

On march 9, 1997, and with just 24 years, “Big Poppa” was killed by unknown assailants in Los Angeles. Several people close to the artist claimed that his death was a revenge for the killing of his rival Tupac Shakur.

His second studio album, “Live After Death”, was released 15 days after his death, becoming a classic of hip-hop. The first sigle from this album, “Hypnotize”, was also the last music video in which she participated.

4. Big L

The rapper american Lamont Coleman, better known by his stage name “Big L”, noted for being one of the best “freestylers” and “punchliners” the history of rap. He made his first appearance on the music scene with the song “Yes You May (Remix)” in 1992.

He was killed by a stranger in a shooting in Harlem, his neighborhood, natal, on 15 February 1999, with 24 years.

Their last album was released posthumously in the year 2000, and received the album gold by the Association of Recording Industry of America (RIAA in English).

5. Jam Master Jay

Jam Master Jay was the founder and DJ of Run DMC. Before forming the hip-hop group, Jason Mizell had already been involved in other projects playing bass and drums.

In the mid-nineties he survived a shooting and emerged unscathed from a car accident. These facts changed my life and the band is reformed. He left behind the violence of its lyrics, which ended up reneging.

They murdered him by hitting a shot in the head in his recording studio on October 30, 2002.

6. Proof

DeShaun Dupree, better known as Proof was a rapper that formed part of the grouping D12. The idea of forming the band came about after meeting several members at a music store called the Hip Hop Shop. The rapper was a close friend of Eminem from childhood, in fact she starred in the movie the singer: 8 Mile.

April 11, 2006, he was gunned down by a dispute that started as a joke. A group of rappers unknown wet to Proof, to this the artist replied pulling out a gun. Ended up being shot down during the brawl that was organized. He died upon arriving at the hospital with 32 years.

After his death, Eminem was tattooed the same drawing that DeShaun had in his right arm as a tribute to his friend.

7. XXXTentacion

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion was a rapper american emphasized by launching their first song in the platform audio streaming Sound Cloud. With only 20 years had a long history of arrests and accusations, the last of gender-based violence.

Their first album came out in summer of 2017. With their second studio album “?” went to number one on the Billaboard 200. Among his musical influences detacaban artists of the stature of Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, The Fray or Coldplay.

The June 18, 2018 in Florida, coming out of a motorcycle dealership, two unknown persons shot him from a sporty. In what could point to a robbery, because the attackers took a bag Lois Vuitton and fled, the young rapper lost his life.

8. Jimmy Wopo

Jimmy Wopo was a rapper from Pittsburgh who made his debut with his single “Elm Street” in 2016. That same year he was arrested and prosecuted for illicit possession of drugs and for consuming alcohol as a minor (in the united States the legal drinking age are 21 years of age).

The young man died on the 18th of June 2018 in his hometown. His body was found with numerous gunshots a few hours after finding XXXTentacion, increasing the voltage in response to the spate of violence in the music scene.

9. Nipsey Hussle

Ermias Asghedom, the real name of Nipsey Hussle was born in Los Angeles in 1985 and made famous in the scene hip-hop city, california, as an artist proud of his origins, street and linked to a faction of the Crips, the gang most famous of this city. After several years in which he released various singles and mixtapes, Nipsey Hussle released in 2018, his debut album “Victory Lap”. Thanks to this album earned a nomination for best rap album in the 61 edition of the Grammy awards.

Numerous stars of America mourned the assassination of Nipsey Hussle who had two sons.

“This makes no sense! My spirit is shocked by this!!!!”, said Rihanna on her Twitter account.

Also, Pharrell Williams said that the work of Nipsey Hussle revolved around something positive and he said that inspired millions. Stars of the NBA such as LeBron James or Chris Paul also showed in public his sadness at the murder of the artist in march 2019.

10.- Lil Peep

The american Gustav Ahr, known professionally as Lil Peep, he died in 2017 because of an overdose at the age of 21. At no time hiding this addiction, as cocaine, xanax, ecstasy and other substances were part of many of his letters.

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11.- Mac Miller

The drugs became to be the cause of the death of the famous rapper an american, and a couple of Ariana Grande, Mac Miller was found unconscious by his personal assistant, poisoned by a painkiller counterfeit called percocet, which contains oxycodone, cocaine and xanax. Was 26 years old.

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