It is rumored that Adele and Harry Styles are about to throw a song together and the fans are going crazy


Since I saw Adele coming out with Harry Styles in January, fans began to wonder if the two would come together to study. Well, once more, there are rumors that the duo is collaborating on a new single, and fans are going crazy, with a little more caution this time.

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According to reports, Adele and Harry Style were on holiday together in Anguilla

In January, Adele and Styles were seen in Eel together. According to reports, were on holiday with the host of The Late Late Show, James Corden. The two were photographed having dinner together in a restaurant next to the beach, with Adele wearing a polka dot dress and a red scarf, and Styles with a grey shirt of Mickey Mouse.

None of the two shared no information about your island getaway. But immediately after seeing her photos, fans began to speculate that the musicians could be working together on a project.

“Harry and Adele said” save the music industry “and we decided to spend the holiday together,” joked one fan on Twitter.

“To be bothered with the concept of a collaboration of Harry and Adele just by knowing who are friends and who are currently together in Eel hurts a lot”, tweeted another fan at that moment.

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Harry Styles closed the rumors in march

At the beginning of March, just a few weeks before the closures COVID-19 went into effect, Styles visited the radio program Sirius XM Howard Stern. The singer brought his band and sang a beautiful version of “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel.

When Stern asked Styles about collaborating with other musicians, the pop star said she would prefer that things happen organically and not forced. And when the radio host asked him about an alleged collaboration with Adele, Styles denied it completely.

“No. I feel that it is only when two musicians hang out, “ said Styles. “Or are coming out or are recording together”.

It is rumored that the two will collaborate for the next album of Adele

Once more, there are rumors that Adele and Styles are working together. This time, it is speculated that they are collaborating on a new song for the upcoming album of Adele.

An account of Harry Style Update on Twitter posted the message: “Rumor: ¡Harry and Adele will debut a song together!”, June 6. The tweet was shared more than 3000 times in a few hours with more than 13,000 likes.

“Rumor has it that @Harry_Styles and @Adele have a song together, possibly for the highly anticipated album of Adele”, tweeted another fan. “Are you here for that?”

Some fans jumped to the announcements of the accounts with enthusiasm. But after being burned once, others took the rumors with more caution.

Account fan of Harry Styles

“I know it’s a rumor completely, but imagine the first collaboration of Harry, that, too, with Adele, tweeted a fan. “I [sic] probably not what he gets.

“If Harry and Adele end up working, that will be my end,” wrote another fan on Twitter. “I never shut up about it as ever.”

“This would be iconic”, shared another Twitter user. “But from whence came this rumor because I don’t want to make clowns”.

Adele could sing the phone book and it would sound incredible, and the vocals sensual Harry Styles could make even the hearts more cold, faint. Then, just imagine the two making music together is chilling. All of this is pure speculation, but who knows, it could be a pleasant surprise that 2020 needs.