John Cusack suffered police brutality while he was filming protests in Chicago

John Cusack has stated that the police officers “they attacked me with batons,” and they beat his bike while ordering the protesters to disperse in Chicago.
The actor “High Fidelity”, of 53 years, I was documenting the riots in the city of Illinois on May 30, after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.Also, you might be interested in “GOOBA” simple 6ix9ine is removed from YouTube for copyright

Next to a clip shared on Twitter, Cusack wrote: “the cops did not like that I shoot the car in flames, so they attacked me with batons. Banging my bicibleta. Ahhm here is the audio”.

In the video, apparently, and scucha to a police officer yelling at Cusack to move in the midst of sounds of metal hitting metal. “It’s alright”, listening to respond to Cusack.

Cusack responded to a tweet claiming that the officers sprayed pepper spray, “pepper Spray is out, there is not tear gas that I have personally seen here,” said Cusack s tuiteaba.

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In another tweet, Cusack promised, “kick the ugly ass nazi Trump out of the White House and take him to prison.”

The actor is one of several stars who have spoken out against the murder of George Floyd and lent his support to the movement, Black Lives Matter.