Johnny Depp suea with starring in the biografa de “Cantinflas”

Mario Moreno or ‘Cantinflas’ is a legend in the Mexican cinema, since inici his career in stardom. As much as that is praised by figures of Hollywood, as Johnny Depp who would like to star in a film in his name if he is given the opportunity.

As lo declare the grandson of Mario in an interview with the program “Window”, claiming that he saw the interpreter in person in 2011, and Depp we confess the attachment that does for your family.

According to narrated the loved one of ‘Cantinflas’, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean he came directly and we consult if he was a relative of the iconic humorist. When you contest with your name this is exalted:

“You call yourself just like your grandfather?”.

The response of celebrity I was surprised by because little did he know that conoca his true identity. As much as feel interested in working on a project biogenic in his honor.

“If that film any da make it in English, they feature you with an actor”.

Recognized for their roles multifactor in “Scissor Hands” and “Charlie and the factory of chocolates”, the ex of Amber Heard express your admiration on the figure Hispanic, who see it on tv when I was visiting the beaches in Mexico:

“T know that as you do not speak the same language the feelings beyond the screen, and laughter is something sper powerful”.

There are even figures of the show who admire both Johnny as for asking that embodies their lives, such as the announcement of the rocker Alice Cooper, who, following the outline of “Bohemian Rapsody” and “Rocketman” (Freddy Mercury and Elton John), gave him permission to interpret it in the future.

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