Justin Bieber has the New Balance colors more flipantes of the summer (and are exhausted)


As good lover streetwear, Justin Bieber is a referent in that look each time we want to know the trends that, the more we see them on the street. In addition, your domain of culture sneaker results in a vast repertoire of slippers which, in turn, makes him the envy of the sneakerheads. You always have the right pair for every occasion (and we know this because it is common to cover holders for their choices). While some of your references in your closet are quasi impossible to get to the rest of the mortals, this time has surprised us with the that could be one of their peers is more democratic and affordable. However, not all the news is good: they could be very difficult to get (if you do not hurry, of course).

This is the model 997H of New Balance a classic of the brand sports shoes, which adopts the clauses aesthetic of the 90s unite tradition sneaker and the contemporary in the same shoe. In this way, we confirm once again (for if it had not been clear) the huge influence on the sports retro in our shoemaker.

If you three colors to choose from -blue and orange, green and white and green and fuchsia-, these are our favorite (and Bieber) to recorders all boardwalks in the country, thanks also to a midsole with cushioning ENCAP that promises comfort 24 hours. Yes: there are very few units and sizes limited so you’ll have to be very crafty to get that might be the shoe of the summer.