Miley Cyrus copi to Ariana Grande with this destacadsima action. About qu?


Miley Cyrus, it is one of the artists in the industry of the music that makes the difference. Few had creed that the small amount that interprets Hannah Montana will be the person that today nothing is stored.

In this context, and once ms, the actress and American singer I shared two images on his Instagram where it shows that you are very immersed in the problematic social that goes through their pas.

On the one hand, in a publication, the ex of Liam Hemsworth I added a picture of an arm on top with the colours of the community LGTBIQ+ and an African American. Posted it got 500 thousand likes.

But something different did Mileyand this has been repeated by other singers, like Ariana Grande, Halsey, among others.

The interpreter of Party in the U. S. A I’ve been to a movilizacin in support of the plea for justice by the death of George Floyd, allegedly killed by an agent of the police of Minnesota.

Yesterday, I was accompanied by friends and experienced the power of the protest peaceful. There is much work still to be done, and personally it s still got a lot to learn and support, I wrote Cyrus in a storie.

Miley Cyrus, besides to be an actress and singer, is also an advocate for the rights of the community LGTBIQ+. What has happened in your country, added to the problematic of quarantine, linked to the coronavirus, also has a fact that you understand that your privileges may bothersome?

It is for this reason that, according to comment makes das to The Wall Street Journal, the girlfriend of Cody Simpson not shown images of their mansion will networks. Another action that makes it different to other artists of the entertainment industry.