Miley Cyrus leaving aside the pain to celebrate a very special day for her


Miley Cyrus est very committed to various social causes, always maintaining its ideals and to the side of the most vulnerable in society.

After the incident last week with George Floyd, in Minnesota, the actress of Hannah Montana I shared a series of publications. In the same way, this June 1, I added a photo of one of the u.s. activists of the community that celebrates the diversity of preferences of human beings.

Besides characterized by the above-mentioned, the singer of Party in the U. S. A has always given their support to these struggles, as even can be said that it is part of the movement. By this, she wanted to share with her fans a special message.

The pride month is here.

It was the description that accompanied Miley Cyrus in a publication, where it appears the activist Marsha P. Johnson, one of the figures public in the years sixty, marc a before and an after in the fight for equality.

The ex of Liam Hemsworth aadi another image in your posting, that reads a quote of Johnson:

How many years will lead people to understand that we are all brothers, sisters and human beings?.

Besides, remember that June came to fill with pride, the American singer also has asked his followers to think about what happened with George Floyd.

In Instagram, the interpreter successes as a Wrecking Ball and The Climb has shared several images with phrases in support to the African-American community,

Thus, Cyrus encouraged its 109 million followers to seek justice by George Floyd to call into the Gobernacin of Minnesota. Is not a time for shutting up, added in his message.