Photos of Selena Gomez showing off their cellulite and rolls with pride


The celebrity has inspired us to show us as we are with so much pride.

Selena Gomez in addition to being a great singer, producer, actress, and designer, has given great lessons of acceptance and self-love on many occasions.

The former girl Disney has become an inspiration to all women not just to overcome a disappointment in love and battling lupus, also for showing your body just as it is without fear.

On many occasions the singer has been hypothesized your weight and cellulite without any penalty whatsoever, making it clear that they are part of the life of every woman and not to hide them.

The times Selena Gomez has shown her cellulite and rolls giving lessons of self-love

Session on the beach

Selena showed off her curves and cellulite in a spectacular photo shoot on the beach that looked like a goddess with a bikini onesie red, and a makeup strong with red lips.

Ride in Italy

Selena looked beautiful with a flower dress you used for a ride in Italy and showed the cellulite that you have in the legs, making it clear that he loves and is proud of her body.

Ride on a yacht with friends

In 2017, the singer went through a difficult time in which put on weight, but that doesn’t stop him from showing off your curves in a ride on a yacht with her friends, wearing a bikini two-piece and showing that life goes on and you can’t be ashamed of your body.


Pajama Party with your friends

Selena off her curves in a pajama party among friends in which led to a pair of trousers of silk and a crop top, exposing her rolls with a lot of security.