So have been the days of quarantine of Mia Khalifa


United States.- For Mia Khalifa, the quarantine and the days of confinement have been difficult, because, unlike many people, it has been proposed to move forward with your healthy and active life and this has yielded very good fruits because now it looks physical completely different.

The former actress adult content through their social networks, share their exercise routines and strict diets to stay in shape and with a body of envy, though on different occasions he has complained about his need to return to the gym, by the time you help with what that you can from home.

Internet users have been amazed at its new appearance, it looks like a figure is much more thin, reasons that have given rise to rumors about any illness or damages of the days in confinement, before this, the young man said that his change in size he has a record since December of last year since eight years ago he came to weigh more than 77 kg.

In addition to sharing his significant physical changes, Mia has also published intimate moments with your partner, who is going through these hard days for many and has made clear that a good company at this age can do very well.

To avoid feeling bad about the gyms and facilities closed, Khalifa has purchased various equipment for exercise on the Internet, this to achieve a proper training and follow to the letter the exercises that your instructor sends you video.

Despite his drastic change, the young man remains one of the favorite stars of the public on the Internet, because it has on the social networks with a total of twenty and a half million followers, and his publications cause pronounced discomfort exceeded 300 thousand like me, some even spend a million.