Some fun facts you didn’t know about the movie Mean Girls


Mean Girls is a classic of pop culture and although it may seem that you know all the data about this movie, we will share some that will surprise you.

Written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan (Cady) and Rachel McAdams (Regina), the film continues to grow popularity as new generations discover their mood and relate with the plot.

So here you go 4 data that did not know of Mean Girls:

The movie “Freaky Friday” was filed for Lindsay outside Regina George.

In an interview from 2014 with Vulture director Mark Waters revealed that Lohan auditioned originally for the role of Regina, not Cady.

During the search of the casting, the family comedy “Freaky Friday” was released in cinemas and changed the way the public perceived it to Lindsay Lohan.

The talent show in the film took place, strangely, on the Day of thanksgiving.

The date printed on the steering wheel is on Thursday 27 November 2003 … it was the Day of thanksgiving. Ignoring the fact that the public schools in the united states. UU. Generally are closed for the recess for the Thanksgiving Day, it is still a bit strange that North Shore High has entered into the spirit of Christmas so early.

The actor who played Glenn Coco solo was on the set for the free food and not supposed to be in the movie.

In an interview from 2014 with Dazed Digital, the actor David Reale shared the story of how he became the legendary Glenn Coco.

After auditioning and not getting a role in the film, Reale, of 19 years, decided to hang out on the set with the actor’s fund to be able to get a free meal. The director recognized him from the auditions and decided to put it in the scene candygram.

David said that he was never officially hired her so that he was never paid, but said that their free lunch was pretty good.

Kevin G. had the coaches of rap on the set.

M. C. Kevin Gnapoor is a standout among the minor characters of the film. His rap talent show is legendary, but what you may not know is that the actor Rajiv Surendra needed a little help to achieve the flow and the right attitude.

Tina Fey revealed in the commentary of the movie she and Amy Poehler were the ones that stepped in to help.